Dec 30, 2011

Looking at the sky in Janesville (Click on the title below to see video properly)

The sky near the Rock River in Wisconsin is a major flight path for birds and has been busier than O'Hare Airport lately. The Rock's Horicon Marsh has 266 species and is a "Globally Important Bird Area" according to the American Bird Conservancy.

Dec 16, 2011

Online Pure Breed Puppies Often Misrepresented

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BBB Warns of Scam Website Selling Puppies

BBB News Center

This is a common scam in Wisconsin and around the country.

Building Yellowstone Park with 1933 Chevrolet trucks

This is the final video in our series commemorating Chevrolet's 90 anniversary in Janesville, WI.
So far we've talked about cars, but Janesville made trucks, too. For example, 1933 trucks.
Twelve 1933 Chevrolet trucks were used by the Civilian Conservation Corps to build the roads and facilities at Yellowstone Park, this country's first national park..
You will see the trucks, but most of the vintage video is a beautiful 12 minute travelogue of Yellowstone.

Consumer World: This Year's Return Policies

Consumer World

Legislators Kill Bill To Allow Robocalling Of Cell Phones

The Consumerist:

Science journalism guidelines might be a good idea

Slate Magazine

Retailers cheat the price-check

Toshiba and Lenovo Ultrabooks Bring Speed and Light to Windows

Walt Mossberg

Rental car companies are holding onto cars longer, renting cars with dings and scratches

Minimize Car Rental Fees |

Top five video games this holiday season

Consumer Reports

You Can Buy Blockbuster Gift Cards Again, But Your Old One's Still Worthless

The Consumerist

A reminder not to buy gift card

Consumer protections lacking for mobile payments

Consumer Reports

Telemarketer to Pay $500,000 Civil Penalty for Thwarting Consumers' Requests to be Placed On Its Clients' Do Not Call Lists


Dec 9, 2011

HP to sell $99 Touchpads on eBay this Sunday

Consumer Reports

Selling Janesville Chevrolets with Technicolor cartoons in the 1930s

Starting almost 90 years ago, Janesville, WI relied on General Motors advertising to sell Chevrolets made there. GM used Hollywood film makers and Chevrolet became the best selling car in the country.

5 Ways To Survive Your First Try At Yoga

The Consumerist

5 Commonly Counterfeited Items To Avoid Buying

The Consumerist

Despite What TV Commercials Tell You, Cars Aren't Gifts

The Consumerist

FTC continues push against fake-news Web sites peddling weight-loss products

The Washington Post

The Rising Cost of Free Shipping

Consumer World: Accused of Padding Major Appliance Orders with Unrequested Service Contracts

Consumer World

Buy A Frappuccino With Food Stamps At Oregon Starbucks In Grocery Stores

The Consumerist

Fine Print In Ad Offering Free Shipping Explains It's Not Actually Free

The Consumerist

A Simple Money-Saving Step For Online Purchases

The Consumerist

FTC To Provide Refunds to Victims of Bogus Scareware Scam


Four best tech toys for older kids

Consumer Reports

36 gifts for the home recommended by Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports

Dec 3, 2011

Janesville made Chevrolets that went West

Chevrolet became America’s best selling car in the 1930s and began a long-lasting advertising campaign encouraging consumers to see the country…especially the west.  Janesville, WI General Motors workers made many of those cars. The vintage color Chevrolet travelogue here is pristine and exquisite. It is still capable of tempting you to visit Arizona this winter.

Dec 2, 2011

Shady locksmiths

How to Buy the Best Tablet

Before you hit the stores, check out these 8 highly-rated retailers

Consumer Reports

5 money-losing investments by NFL players

How to Use Google Search More Effectively

2012 Buick Lacrosse - Smugness Comes Standard

6 Financial Nightmare Vacations
As a consumer reporter, I received many vacation complaints.  Be wary of free vacation offers... like the ones being offered now at your local shopping mall.

6 Tips For Avoiding Early Retirement Seminar Scams

The Consumerist

First drive: 2013 Mazda CX-5

Consumer Reports

FTC Adds New Protections for Consumers Seeking to Work from Home


Four Web Tools to Simplify Finances

Another Reason To Cut The Cards And Go Cash-Only

The Consumerist

Nov 19, 2011

Frugal Advice for the Gadget Addicted

Wise Bread:

Film of Chevrolet workers in Library of Congress

75 years ago, General Motors made wonderful films promoting Chevrolets. Workers in GM cities like Janesville had starring roles.

The company hired the best movie makers and Hollywood music composers. I love the music in this week's 8-minute film and the way it follows the action.

At Last, a Small Chevy That Makes Some Waves

Car-Buying Help: 5 Smart Resources to Get the Right Car at the Right Price

Should You Pay for Disability Coverage?

Price Matching Policies for Black Friday 2011


4 Signs Someone Is Lying To You

The Consumerist

5 New Money-Saving Holiday Strategies

ShopSmart Puts Warehouse Club Savings to the Test

Consumer Reports

Banks Quietly Ramp Up Consumer Fees

Face Recognition Moves From Sci-Fi to Social Media

Nov 5, 2011

Study: Daily Aspirin Cuts Hereditary Cancer Risk in Half


FDA Trying To Protect Us From Salmonella By Testing Pet Food

The Consumerist

A killer revisited and my portrayal in a CBS-TV movie

As TV news troubleshooter years ago, I was contacted by Corrine in Green Bay who believed her missing sister, Vonnie, had been murdered by Vonnie’s husband, Ron Rickman.

Although Vonnie was never found, Rickman was eventually convicted of her murder. And we all ended up being portrayed in the CBS-TV movie “The disappearance of Vonnie.”

I tell the story in my online memoir Glen Loyd On Your Side in Wisconsin: Chapter 1/Portrayed in a CBS-TV Movie with a clip from the movie of Corrine asking me for help.

Recently this story electrified me again. Throwing the switch was a post on my memoir from a woman saying that Ron Rickman also shot and killed her father and grandfather, Wisconsin loggers who encountered him as he hunted. Rickman was found not guilty by reason of mental disease or defect. Although her main point was that the movie wasn’t accurate, it blew me away that I had once again been contacted by someone who lost family to this killer.

Here are more details and photos of the people in involved in this story:
The Disappearance of Vonnie

Rickman, the killer, lived close to my family in Green Bay. I was concerned about retaliation until he was arrested.

Some redesigned Fords drop in Consumer Reports reliability survey

Can Social Security Be Garnished?

Recall: Boy Scouts of America jackets—strangulation hazard

Consumer Reports

Student debt grows to more than $25,000 for recent grads

Consumer Reports

Big Retailers Opening Doors Even Earlier On Black Friday

The Consumerist

5 Bad Deals In Extended Warranties For Holiday Shoppers

The Consumerist

Triple Dip Predicted For Home Prices

The Consumerist:

Best Chocolate Chip Cookies: Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports:

Oct 30, 2011

Double click on video for larger view

Oct 29, 2011

Despite the gloomy economy, some workers are convinced they'll be able to retire early

The Sketchpad: Personal Finance on a Napkin

What fish is on your plate? Probably not the one you ordered

Consumer Reports

Digging for Details Before Investing in Gold Bullion or Coins


An evil daughter stops doctors from caring from her mom, as she steals her money & sells her house

Google TV finally gets update, adds Android apps market

Consumer Reports

How To Decide Whether Or Not To Pay Someone To Do Your Taxes

The Consumerist

Gaddafi Email Scam Promises Money and an Orphanage


Alleged DeKalb ID thieves accused of getting U.S. senator from Hawaii

Chase, other banks won't charge debit card usage fees

What You Need To Know When Transferring Credit Card Balances

The Consumerist

Oct 24, 2011

W.W. II Poet Warrior Festival

Janesville Gazette\

Two well-written World War II documentary films and Glen Loyd’s childhood memory of the time

Oct 22, 2011

Coming Attractions-WW II Poet Warriors starring Carl Sandburg

The death of eloquent radio writer Norman Corwin this week reminded me how America harnessed the power of poetry to conquer the evil empires of Germany and Japan in World War II.

Writing patriotic dramas, Corwin was inspired by Walt Whitman’s poetry of the Civil War era. Another one of our foremost poets--Carl Sandburg--wrote propaganda during World War II.

Carl Sandburg is most identified with Illinois, but he started his career as a Wisconsin newspaper reporter. Later, he was an editorial writer for the Chicago Daily News. He was awarded two Pulitzer Prizes for his poetry and his books about Lincoln. ( I'm proud to say that I had an investigative story published in the Chicago Daily News in the 1960s that resulted in Chicago banning sprayed asbestos used in the construction of skyscrapers.)

Oct 16, 2011

Why you should—or shouldn't—buy the iPhone 4S

Consumer Reports

Glen Loyd Video: Student fashion at University of Wisconsin (HD)

I've always enjoyed the students at the University of Wisconsin as a speaker in their classrooms and as a teacher from the professional community. I had so much fun with this video I going back to University Avenue with my camera.

Five myths about shoplifting

The Washington Post:

If You're Going To Shoplift At Walmart With Your Kids, Don't Leave Them Behind When You Flee

The Consumerist:

Stuff You Should Know If You Want To Write A Book

The Consumerist:

Supplements linked with death in older women

Consumer Reports

Subway: Cheaper To Order Footlong, Throw Away Half Of Bread Than Ordering 6-Inch With Double Meat

The Consumerist:

New technologies for heating water can deliver big savings

Consumer Reports

Computer features from Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports

Teens are 50-percent more likely to crash in first month of driving unsupervised, here’s why

Consumer Reports

Oct 9, 2011

Wisconsin autumn in high definition

7 things to look for in a winter beater


No matter what kind of a vehicle you are looking for, always check the April (car buying) issue of
Consumer Reports. They recommended reliable used cars and tell you what you should pay for them.

Odometer rollbacks on the rise

Consumers in Wisconsin get ripped off by rollbacks. In fact, there's a state office that investigates these cases.

Allegation: Woman Can't Get Electricity Or Gas Because Of ID Theft That Happened When She Was 7 Years Old

The Consumerist:

Bankers Association Defends Checking Rate Hikes: "We Don't Expect To Pay Nothing To Ride The Train" - The Consumerist

The Consumerist:


Allegation: Best Buy Held My Computer Data For Ransom!

CBS Sacramento:

Oct 1, 2011

Mark Twain's Wisconsin

As a Mark Twain fan, I was delighted to find his footprints in Wisconsin. I have documented his visit to Janesville in a previous video. Here is another about his love affair with Wisconsin and the other Upper Mississippi River states

Saggy pants ordinance brings cash to Albany

Albany Herald:

Earlier bedtimes keep kids leaner, says study

Consumer Reports

Chargebacks: A Handy Weapon in the Fight Against Unscrupulous Merchants

Invest It Wisely

Guide for first time E-Bay sellers


Bill Introduced To Let Robots Call Your Cellphone

The Consumerist:

Weight Loss: Sneaky Fine Print

Mouse Print:

Check Your Best Buy Receipt Carefully Before Signing For In-Store Pickup Purchases

The Consumerist:

Get Smart About College

Lawsuits Target Claims for 'All Natural' Foods

Is 0% financing from retailers a good deal?

Sep 25, 2011

FTC Asks Court To Halt Defendant from Impersonating Federal Agencies While Steering Consumers to Mortgage, Tax, and Debt Relief Services

I contacted the Wisconsin Broadcasters Association about similar questionable ads running on some--not all-- Wisconsin radio stations and asked them to run public service ads warning consumers. They said no. Here is exactly what they said: "We understand the request and the concerns but we are not in a position to run ads questioning the honesty of our advertisers.  We'd rather handle upfront with clients as they come in."  My opinion: Some out of state advertisers and some Wisconsin broadcasters are preying on people in Wisconsin who already have more than their share of trouble.  Shame!

The honest business people in Wisconsin who advertise on these stations lose credibility when lumped in with the dishonest out of staters. I would not advertise on these stations

 Dishonest advertising is bad for consumers, business and broadcasters.  The Better Business Bureau  wasn't created by the consuming public or government. The BBB was created by businessmen losing money because of  skeptical buyers.


Allegation:H&R Block Goofs On My Tax Return, Won't Honor Guarantee To Reimburse Me After IRS Audit

The Consumerist

Bed bugs chemicals making some people ill

Colleges, alumni groups selling personal information Austin

Allegation: Gold's Closes Your Gym, Traps You In Contract Anyway - The Consumerist

The Consumerist

Common Sense can Foil Copper Thieves

Arnold, MO Patch

Young becoming "lost generation" amid recession

CBS News

First look video: 2012 Chevrolet Sonic

Consumer Reports

Debt Collectors Fighting Laws Aimed At Making Them Do Their Jobs Properly

The Consumerist

Child care costs are killing us


5 red flags to bust a used car-buying scam


Family of psychics charged with tricking victims out of $40 million

This ripoff happens in Wisconsin, too. Victims may be older people in pain or younger people trying to get back lost loves. Spirited away - WWW.THEDAILY.COM

Sep 18, 2011

The Rise of Tattoo Remorse: Heavy Cost to Erase What’s Often an Impulse Decision

"Pure luminous color fighting the silent shadows until the last"

The last line of a Walt Whitman poem reminds us that a beautiful sunset is a struggle between light and darkness. Darkness always wins, but for a brief moment beauty reigns. As Whitman wrote, "Pure luminous color fighting the silent shadows until the last."
Enjoy Whitman's poem read by a person with an exquisite voice. And see the luminous colors of a stormy Southern Wisconsin sunset.

Insulin nasal spray may slow Alzheimer's

Apples and pears may prevent stroke

consumer reports

Changing your major even just once can add on a year of school.

Dont be fooled by these 5 mortgage scams

Hedging 7 big retirement risks

Fewer homes for sale doesn't necessarily mean improved market

Weight-Loss Surgery Led To Woman Losing Her Legs

CBS Chicago

Find Your Lost Furry Friends With A GPS Collar That Tracks Your Missing Pet

The Consumerist

Who's Had the Worst Recession: Boomers, Millennials, or Gen-Xers?

The Atlantic

Social Security pays millions in benefits to deceased


Where's My Super-Cheap Mortgage?

No, phone app can't cure acne,

ConsumerMan -

Sep 3, 2011

Janesville girl welcomed to Maryland by earthquake and chased home by hurricane

A nine-year-old girl from Janesville recently traveled to the Chesapeake Bay area of Southern Maryland to get acquainted with an aunt and uncle and cousins she had never met. The trip started with an earthquake and ended with a hurricane, but mostly it was family fun. The Van Buren fourth grader saw the Washington Monument just after it developed cracks and she had to leave five hours earlier than planned to escape Irene. Her Maryland family said they wished they had left, too, because their property was getting beat up and they didn't have electricity

82-Year-Old Father of the Cell Phone Buys New Smartphone

Government Agencies Are Big Targets For Phone Bill Cramming

The Consumerist

CVS Pharmacy Settles $2 Million Wights and Measures Consumer Lawsuit

Sierra Madre, CA Patch:

$13,698 to Unclog a Toilet in Wisconsin?

Courthouse News Service:

Five freeware gems for Windows

CNET News:

Just ignore those dings and dents -- your bill is in the mail

Passenger rights when flights are canceled - Travel - Travel Tips

Facebook makes privacy controls easier to use

WGN Radio:

New ADT Sales Tactic: Cold-Call People, Frighten Them


Sprint Raises Early Termination Fees


Aug 13, 2011

When WI fostered the Delta Blues and Mississippians settled in Beloit

Did you know that Wisconsin was instrumental in popularizing the Mississippi Delta Blues and that 75 percent of Black migrants to Beloit came from Mississippi?

The Mississippi migrants brought along the blues to the Midwest. From 1922 until 1932 one-fourth of all blues recordings were made in Wisconsin!

One of the pioneer bluesmen was Son House who recorded for the Paramount record company in Grafton, WI.

Born in 1902 in Riverton, Mississippi, House
began recording for Paramount in 1930. He performed at the Beloit Blues festival in 1970.

In this video I've combined a Wisconsin Son House recording with old Mississippi photos from the Library of Congress.

A good source of information about Beloit migrants is Lucas W. Knowles of Beloit who just graduated from U.W Eau Claire. For an award-winning thesis project, Knowles spent weeks listening to oral histories from migrant families recorded during Beloit's Bicentennial History Project. Many Mississippi men were recruited to work in a Beloit factory during World War 1.

The Great Migration of southern Blacks to northern cities in the first half of the twentieth century is a well documented historical topic. Southern Blacks who had grown restive of the Jim Crow south headed north to urban settings seeking employment and a better life. As a result of this process, many Midwestern cities such as Chicago and Milwaukee experienced drastic social changes. Another city which became a destination during the Great Migration is the small city of Beloit, Wisconsin. Early twentieth century Beloit was a lively manufacturing locale centered on Wisconsin's southern border. At the onset of the First World War, Fairbanks, Morse and Company was experiencing a manpower shortage. To fill the void Fairbanks, Morse and Company began recruiting southern Black men to work in their factory. By offering jobs and housing, Fairbanks, Morse and Company established Beloit as a destination for southern Blacks seeking to leave the south. The research will focus on the events that led to Beloit becoming a Great Migration destination. The role of industry, individuals, and family will be examined to provide the reasoning behind Beloit as a destination during the Great Migration. Overall, the focus will be on the factors that led to Black migration to Beloit in the first half of the twentieth century and the early development of the Black community.

Following is a pdf of Knowles' paper. Be careful to click only "quick view" if you do not want to download the document.

The pros, cons and costs of a home alarm system

Consumer Reports

Warning: Cell Phone Coverage Map May Not Reflect Reality

The Consumerist

1.86 million CFL flood lamps recalled by Philips Lighting

Consumer Reports

Greenville Wedding Photographer Convicted

WYFF Greenville

We've had similar case histories in Wisconsin. Choose your wedding photographer carefully. Try to put as little money down as possible.

5 Free and Useful Things You Can Do Without a Cell Phone Data Plan

Barbara Kowalcyk: Ground Turkey Recall Shows We Still Need Kevin's Law


BBB Warns of Asphalt Paving Scam Hitting SE Wisconsin

BBB News Center

Watch out for church donation scammer

Fatal tragedy highlights dangers of inappropriate driving footwear

Consumer Reports

CD rates could near zero

Only 1.2% Of American Spending Actually Ends Up In China

The Consumerist

Aug 6, 2011

Lake Geneva. WI Horses

Nation's Top 10 Consumer Complaints


5 innovative tech companies that got it wrong in the end


FCC Broadband Study Shows Which Companies Actually Come Close To Meeting Advertised Download Speeds

The Consumerist

Why doctors don't like to talk about antioxidants.

Slate Magazine

August 2011: Best deals on used small cars


33 Factors for How to Choose a College


Colon cleansing does more harm than good

Consumer Reports

How Colleges Are Still Getting Rich Off Your Kids


Local TV sports anchors may get less on air time

The Washington Post

3 Tips for Spotting Fake Product Reviews – From Someone Who Wrote Them

Money Talks News

2011 U.S. Wireless Customer Care Performance Studies

Jul 30, 2011

Fun at the Rock County 4-H Fair

It was hot and humid, but I'm glad I made it to the Fair this year. In this video, you will see someone hosing down a goat and then herself. I almost asked her to sprinkle me!

10 Reasons Not to Buy an iPad for Students


The retirement-savings crisis is overblown


3 Ways to Keep Your Data With You At All Times

ZoneAlarm SocialGuard Review

Walt Mossberg offers streaming online videos from Vudu


Nintendo 3DS price drops from $250 to $170; 20 free games for U.S. owners


Man arrested in store call scams


Beware of Online Help Wanted Scams


FTC Stops Fake 'Yellow Pages' Scam


FTC Accepts Final Settlement with Twitter for Failure to Safeguard Personal Information


FTC Halts Timeshare Property Resale Scam; Telemarketers Falsely Claimed They Had Buyers Lined Up, Agency Alleges


FTC Sues Two Funeral Homes for Failing to Provide Price Lists


Jul 16, 2011

Southern Wisconsin Sights

I’ve had the pleasure of working with a number of Wisconsin photographers, but none has traveled more than Galen R. Frysinger of Sheboygan.

I’ll bet you Galen has been around the world as many times as Mark Twain or more.. His photos are found in publications such as National Geographic. 

Galen has supplied photos for a number of my videos including “Mark Twain’s Egyptian Journey.” 

I have invited Galen to do a photo shoot of Janesville. He said it was a possibility. Meanwhile here are some of Galen’s photos of  Southern Wisconsin.

Jul 8, 2011

Watching newspapers

“Who would have thought 25 years ago that we would be part of a video project for a newspaper?" asked a retired videographer I worked with at a Green Bay TV station. My old TV friend was letting me use some of his beautiful video in the Janesville Gazette.

I wanted to say something eloquent this week about how the Internet is changing newspapers, books and magazines... But a TV commercial says it better than I ever could.

Although it’s an iPad commercial, it sums up the amazing things that a lot of  us are doing now with computers in general…Like when grandma and I see a telephone call from our Janesville fourth-grader calling on Skype.

Simple maintenance can prevent costly repairs


Water less often and the savings will have you jumping for joy


How to prevent expensive pest attacks


Scientists find extremophile organisms lurking in dishwashers


Why More Americans May Start Putting Money Under Their Mattresses


Vacationers: ID thieves welcome you

 MSN Money

Why Text Messages Cost Cellular Companies Virtually Nothing

The Consumerist

Ubiquitous ‘tiny belly’ online ad part of scheme, government says

The Washington Post

Jul 1, 2011

Sandhill cranes in Walworth County, WI

I stopped by a farmer's field a few years ago to watch Sandhill cranes doing their wonderful jumping-wingflapping-floating mating dance.  If I only had my camera.
This time I did when I saw parent Sandhills escorting their offspring in Walworth County.
Sandhills are like some of us in that they can live to be 80, stick with the same mate for up to 30 years, and fly to Florida for the winter.
The WI Dept. of Natural resources says females lay one or two eggs. Chicks are born in 30 days and have fuzzy yellow-brown feathers. Born in May, they fly by July. Families feed together on seeds, tubers, grasshoppers, snails, frogs, snakes, birds and mice. Cranes can be a problem for farmers when they pull up sprouting corn in spring and eat large amounts of field grain in the fall.
Birders love Sandhills and count them as they come back from Florida.  They look for a wingspan of up to 8 feet!

Don't Let A Salesperson Tell You What The Contract Says: Read It

The Consumerist

Diet sodas: Do they, or don’t they, help you lose weight?

Consumer Reports

Why we left our factories in China


Consumer Reports: Best barbecue sauce

Is the tax man a tax cheat?

5 ways you may get nicked by new bank fees

Fly or Drive Calculator


FTC Crackdown Does Little To Curb Ads For Fake News Sites

The Consumerist

AMA Attacks Photoshopping For Promoting Anorexia

 The Consumerist

Basics of Photography: Your Camera’s Manual Settings

Basics of Photography

Diet sodas: Do they, or don’t they, help you lose weight?

Diet sodas: Do they, or don’t they, help you lose weight?

Jun 25, 2011

Eddie Doucette's Hall of Fame induction

As a young TV broadcaster in Green Bay, I got to see a lot of the Packers greats up close and personal.

I was thrilled when Bart Starr greeted me with, “Hi Glen,” in his southern accent before we were even introduced. Later he dressed me down for an investigation I was doing about some of his players. And still later, Bart assisted me in a project helping kids without fathers.

Later, I worked at another Green Bay TV station where massive Forest Gregg did his show as coach. I was kind of scared of him when he stormed passed me in hallway with his eyebrows twitching.

I was even a guest in the home of Ray Nitschke. He had a big oil painting of himself in uniform hanging in his beautiful living room....

Now as an old, wrinkled member of the Wisconsin Broadcasters Hall of Fame, I am still meeting famous Wisconsin sports personalities.

At our annual dinner this week, I got to shake hands with Eddie Doucette who called the games when the Milwaukee Bucks won their 1971 national championship with 7-2 center Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Oscar Robertson.

Jun 24, 2011

Looking for a good newsroom administrator?

I worked with Lee Hitter when he was Chief Photographer at WFRV-TV in Green Bay.
Excellent photographer...even better father of two...and a friend to every one who knows him.

What kind of man is Lee Hitter? When he was filming two kids close drowning in a dangerous river, he put down his camera, jumped in and rescued them!

Lee Hitter is one of the best men I know.

He has been news director at WFRV since the early 1990s, setting a record for longevity. He needs a new job because his station has new owners who are letting go more than 20 people.

You can get in touch with Lee Hitter at WFRV-TV in Green Bay: (929) 437 5411

My degree isn't worth the debt!


Even Jiffy Lube Now Says You Don’t Need an Oil Change Every 3,000 Miles

D'Lites Ice Cream Chain Sues Over Critical Fox 5 News Report

D'Lites Ice Cream Chain Sues Over Critical Fox 5 News Report

Biggest car-buying rip-offs - "This car's perfect. Trust me."


Theater Warning: No Refund If You Don't Understand The Movie

The Consumerist

What Can You Flush Down The Toilet?

Bogus pizza leaflet scam still operating

Southwest Remains No. 1 for Airline Customer Satisfaction


Why Your Dentist Costs So Much


Jun 10, 2011

Because he attended Beloit College, I wanted to make a video about actor James Arness. And I wrote to him a month before he died.

His web site said he enjoyed letters from fans. I am a fan, having just watched 174 of his old TV Gunsmoke shows on Netflix.

Although these westerns were made a half century ago, they are still good stories. But when you watch an episode or two a day for months something else happens to you along with being entertained.

You find yourself becoming a resident of that dusty frontier community of Dodge, Kansas with its cattle herds, horses, mules, buggies, stagecoaches, covered wagons, telegraph offices, hard drinkers, brawls and gun fights.

Your family is James Arness aka the stern Marshal Matt Dillon, Kitty, Doc, Chester, and Festus. These characters care a lot about each other and you care for them, too. It is almost too much to endure when outlaws take kind Kitty or grandfatherly Doc hostage.

Gunsmoke has strong stories and characters and occasionally first rate music by movie composers such as Franz Waxman.

But the show used the same background over and over again… no matter where the location is supposed to be--Kansas, Texas, or Mexico--you always see the same cabins, meadows, trees, and the same mountains. The horse with the white neck spot shows up with a different owner every episode. I'm not complaining about this. It made me feel at home.

In the saddle, Marshal Dillon is a rugged giant and his spurred heels almost scrape the ground. Yet he rides a beautiful horse with a fluffed up hairdo. The animal prances along the prairie during those long trailing-the-bad-guy scenes.

At the end of the trail, Dillon almost always wins the gun fight, but is often bloodied. His New York Times obituary said he was wounded 30 times in Gunsmoke.

James Arness was actually severely wounded in the leg during World War II.

He remained a patriot the rest of his life. Here is an excerpt from an Armed Forces film he made in his prime.

Former Madison and Milwaukee TV reporter's consumer advice: Tablet vs Computer

Bank Fees Deplete Kids' Savings Accounts

Free Ways to Celebrate Father’s Day

Wise Bread

How to Tell When the Moving Man Is a Con Man


Now Is the Time to Sell Your Used Car


Teaching hospitals not always best for patient safety


Allegations: 9 Confessions Of A Former Geek Squad Geek - The Consumerist

The Consumerist

Elder Abuse: How to Protect Grandma From Con Men and Thieves


Squatter Nation: 5 years with no mortgage payment

Foreclosure limbo: Staying without paying. - Jun. 9, 2011

May 27, 2011

How to Get the Most Out of Memorial Day Shopping


Experts: Don't Buy A Car This Year

The Consumerist

Snorkeling a crystal clear river

I enjoy the Rock River at my son’s home on Riverview Drive in Janesville and have fun making videos about the river's interesting history.
And I like to discuss the Rock with a Florida friend who also lives by a river.
Exchanging river videos with him recently, I got to see why he retired on the Rainbow River and goes snorkeling there every morning--the crystal clear water which comes out of the ground from Florida’s fourth largest spring.

Allegations: Five Wedding Dress Sites Slammed

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

How Snake Oil Dodged Basic Laws In 1907

The Consumerist

For Some, Blogs Also Pay the Bills -

Best Buy Store Flat Out Says They're Not Gonna Price Match Their Website

The Consumerist

First Look: 2012 Hyundai Accent


How to Time Five Big-Ticket Purchases


Covering tech for kids, controversy and all


May 21, 2011

How The Japanese Disaster Will Hurt Local TV and Radio Stations, Newspapers This Summer

The Consumerist

Eye to Eye Detective Dave Tatar

David Tatar of Eye to Eye Detective Agency is an identity theft expert

Mountain View Online : Duo arrested in skimming scam

Mountain View Online

On the Apple Store's 10th Anniversary, a Look Back and Forward

I stopped at an Apple store recently and was impressed by the sales reps and how the organization dedicates itself to helping customers learn how to operate their products.
These days a person with little or no computer experience can buy a good netbook for under $250 at Wal-mart and get into computing. But I can see someone paying for those fine Apple products and the accompanying education to make sure there is someone there to help them solve computer puzzles.

Gee Whiz, It Turns Out That Kinoki Foot Pads Are Not A Good Deal

The Consumerist

Debit-Card Scam Targets Michaels Shoppers

Cashing in on the modelling dream

Getting the right mattress

Con Artist Hands Over Car, Real Estate and Gold to Settle FTC Charges


The Dangerous Allure of Distressed Real Estate

Scam targets elderly, police say


Divorce Lawyers’ New Friend - Social Networks

5 million users experienced abuse on Facebook


Tips: How to protect your kids on social networks


May 1, 2011

Man on the Moon

Not only will the space shuttle be grounded after its current flight, a program returning man to the moon has been scrapped.
TV coverage was blurry 40 years ago during the Apollo man-on-the-moon missions, but I recently discovered some high quality photos of them.

Apr 22, 2011

Electric sunset on the Rock River

I was in Fort Atkinson recently and found the east River Walk deserted...except for a solitary man playing an electric guitar.
Bill Breitsprecher told me he grew up in the city and likes to come back to the Rock River. "The water is peaceful," he said, "and gives me a sense of stability."
I get what Bill says about the Rock River. It does roll on peacefully and paints familiar pictures with intermittent mists, rippling reflections, and scarlet sunsets.

Scammers target Medicare beneficiaries


Future of social networks: Will Facebook remain the one network to rule them all?

Slate Magazine

Teeth-Whitening Offers Won't Leave Customers Smiling

Teeth-Whitening Offers Won't Leave Customers Smiling

Buyer beware - Car dealers adopt outlawed mortgage tactics

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