Jun 25, 2010

Taboo topic among spouses


Detergents: Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports

From Card Fees to Mortgages, a New Day for Consumers

New York Times

U-Haul and its Parent Company Settle FTC Charges That They Invited Competitors to Fix Prices on Truck Rentals


Salmonella Recall Notices No Match For Hungry, Oblivious Consumers

The Consumerist

New York Firm's Property Transfer Fee Plan Stirs Controversy


HP And Yahoo Want To Put Ads On Your Printouts

The Consumerist

Car-buying mistakes; financing, leasing and trade-ins

MSN Money

Sharing credit card accounts as joint account holder or authorized user


10 Things 401(k) Providers Won't Tell You


Older Americans fall prey to money scams


Verizon Sued By Wisconsin AG For Billing Non-Verizon Customers

The Consumerist

FTC Settlement Orders Ban More Than A Dozen Marketers from Selling Mortgage Relief Services; Repeat Offender Ordered to Pay $11.4 Million for Contempt


Jun 12, 2010

WKOW-TV keeps pounding away at WI Consumer Protection

WKOW-TV keeps pounding away at WI Consumer Protection.  The premise seems to be: Everyone who contacts CP is supposed to be helped. If they are not, CP isn't doing it's job.

Is this fair?  Does everyone contacting WKOW's own Call for Action Helpline receive help?  Of course not!

Having worked at CP, I know it helps a lot of people...just as WKOW-TV is helping consumers.

How to clean up a keyboard spill




Colbert Nation Visits Consumers Union

Consumer Reports On Safety: Colbert Nation Visits Consumers Union

Would you ride one of these?

Consumer Reports Cars Blog: Compact electric YikeBike heads to market

Colon cleanse products promise big health benefits, but deliver nothing


Bonds: Avoid the next great bubble


New Rules About Getting Paid When Airlines Bump You

The Consumerist

Court Puts Brakes On Company That Deceptively Pitched “Extended” Auto Warranties


Texas Sues Bally Total Fitness Over Fake Past Due Billing

Texas Attorney General

Consumers To Watch Out For Scams Related To Gulf Oil Spill


Jun 5, 2010

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