Apr 26, 2008

They are coming! When salespeople knock on your door.

Clarification: Investments are exempt from the three-day right to cancel.

Have you seen those colon cleaning TV infomercials? Here is a second opinion:

From the website of Dr. Steven Barrett M.D. who is vice-president of the National Council Against Health Fraud:
...Some approaches to "detoxification" are based on notions that, as a result of intestinal stasis, intestinal contents putrefy, and toxins are formed and absorbed, which causes chronic poisoning of the body. This "autointoxication" theory was popular around the turn of the century but was abandoned by the scientific community during the 1930s. No such "toxins" have ever been found, and careful observations have shown that individuals in good health can vary greatly in bowel habits. Quacks may also suggest that fecal material collects on the lining of the intestine and causes trouble unless removed by laxatives, colonic irrigation, special diets, and/or various herbs or food supplements that "cleanse" the body. The falsity of this notion is obvious to doctors who perform intestinal surgery or peer within the large intestine with a diagnostic instrument. Fecal material does not adhere to the intestinal lining...

Do those footpads for toxins really work?

Apr 9, 2008

Apr 2, 2008

NCAA cheap seats? Take an oxygen bottle.

This story is dated because it's about the Badgers in the NCAA's playoffs in Detroit. But it is worth a look just to see the creativity used by Reporter Mark Lovicot of WISC-TV in Madison to demonstrate questionable ticket sales.

Apr 1, 2008

Consumer Protection in the digital age

At some time in our lives, we, or someone close to us, will experience a questionable consumer transaction.