Aug 24, 2007

Are consumers with higher IQs handling their money better than others?

You don't have to be super smart to be rich. A new study suggests that people who are slightly above normal intelligence may be doing best with their money.“Your IQ has really no relationship to your wealth. And being very smart does not protect you from getting into financial difficulty,” says the authhor.

Aug 19, 2007

WKOW-TV exposes the 2 con combination

The free check scam combined with the secret shopper rip-off is producing a hard-to-resist lure in Wisconsin.

Top 10 opt outs

Wish you could get your hands on that information on how to opt out of companies bugging you with their products. Here are the top 10 ways.
First off, make sure you are on Wisconsin's No Call List: Sign up by calling 1-866-966-2255 or by visiting
And if you are interested in Wisconsin's credit freeze option, go to the Wisconsin Office of Privacy Protection.

Aug 13, 2007

Aug 10, 2007

Gift cards used by scammers to launder money

Video from WLUK-TV in Green Bay on how criminals use gift cards to launder money and to collect money from vicitms.

Superior Police arrest two sellers in "suspicious home alarm system sales"

Consumer Protection has contacted all Wisconsin city and village clerks about complaints concerning door-to-door sellers of home alarm systems. Superior and a number of other municipalities are denying sales permits to these companies. The Superior Police Department arrested two sellers and issued a press release advising:
-Be cautious of letting any stranger enter your home for any reason.
-To ask for company or organization identification.
-Request to see a Direct Sellers Permit issued by the City of Superior.
-Not give out personal data such as Social Security or bank account numbers to anyone that you did not initiate the contact with.
-To not sign any forms when you feel you’re being pressured or intimidated.
-To report any suspicious activity to the police by calling 911 immediately.
-If the person leaves, gather information such as vehicle description or license numbers for the officer.

Contract can't be changed with web post

Court ruling: Change in contract requires direct notice, not just web posting.

Aug 3, 2007

Be wary of secret shopper jobs

Consumer Reports magazine says that while there are real secret shopper jobs, you could easily be ripped off chasing one.

Aug 1, 2007

Protect your identify when moving

We are especially vulnerable to identity theft when we move. Here is advice from the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection. To opt-out of pre-approved credit card offers:
To request your free credit card report: