Nov 28, 2009

This video reminds us what questionable strangers may do

12 Online Scams of Christmas

Yahoo Finance

Glen Loyd, the museum exhibit

Many generations of broadcasters are responsible for the great radio and TV stations we have in Wisconsin today

Green Bay's WLUK-TV built a new newsroom with a mural depicting the station's history

I've had the pleasure of knowing many of the people who have worked at WLUK-TV over the years. Today's staff puts a lot more news on the air than my generation did in 1971.

Music: Kevin MacLeod

Nov 24, 2009

Nov 23, 2009

Skype video demonstration for journalists

This is an interview I did over the Internet via Skype with a North Texas University sports psychologist about helping struggling players. It has nothing to do with consumer protection, but shows how a journalist can do a cross-country video now at no cost. A number of Universities will now provide their experts by Skype video conferencing.

Nov 13, 2009

Consumer complaints about Polaroid

Linda Alger purchased a Polaroid TV last November at the Chilton, Wisconsin, Wal-Mart. In May she says the screen turned black and the audio shut off. Because the store’s exchange period had elapsed, she sent it back for repair and alleges it was returned defective again. The State of Wisconsin sent an inquiry to Polaroid about the problem which Polaroid didn't respond to. Wisconsin has now sent the company a warning letter.

Linda is sending her set back again for repairs. “They will try to fix it again or give me a different TV,” she says. “I was told it would be a TV that someone else returned for repair. I have no other alternative and do not anticipate much results. I asked if they plan to try to fix my TV and send it to another unsatisfied customer. The lady said, ‘Maybe.’ You can understand why I am not satisfied with the warranty.”

Consumer Protection has a total of nine complaints about Polaroid. The Better Business Bureau has 627 complaints--284 relating to product quality and 102 about repair issues. The BBB rating for the Polaroid Corporation is "F." "Reasons for this F rating," says the BBB, "include failure to respond to 110 complaints filed against the business.

79 % of MoneyGram transfers of $1,000 or more from the US to Canada over a 4-month period in 2007 were fraud-related

Washington Post

The few drugs proved to deter cancer are widely ignored, researchers say, while ineffective supplements are used

New York Times

Time to stop tossing those notices about your credit cards

Washington Post