Jan 23, 2009

File Free Electronically

Washington Post

Ever Wonder About Those Ads For The Fireplace Heater With Amish Made Mantels?

Better Business Bureau Report gives company an "F"

"Additionally, the BBB has received inquiries regarding the company's product Cool Surge Air Cooler. For clarification consumers should understand that the air cooler unit is not an air conditioner but a portable unit used to blast out "iced cooled" air by inserting 4-6 hour reusable glacier ice blocks. The company states that this in conjunction with a fan motor unit can reduce the air around the unit up to ten degrees."

Massive Negative Option Telemarketing Scheme Affected Nearly One Million Consumers

Federal Trade Commission

Hospitals X-Ray Patient Credit Scores

Business Week

BBB Top 10 Complaints


Will You Get A Deal At Circuit City?


Jan 17, 2009

"Even The Biggest Cities -- New York And Chicago -- Do Not Support Two Profitable Papers Now "

Poynter Online

Even the biggest cities -- New York and Chicago -- do not support two profitable papers now. And metro papers like the Atlanta Journal-Constitution or Dallas Morning News have their cities to themselves, but have still been forced to scale back distant circulation and make big newsroom staff cuts in the face of falling ad revenues.

The New York Times To Offer Front Page Ads


FDIC Study: Outrageous Overdraft Fees


When Bankruptcy Makes Sense


IRS To Help Financially Distressed Taxpayers


Consumers Seek Answers To The Food They Eat


Jan 11, 2009

Glen Loyd Responds To Work-At-Home Advertising in Janesville

Janesville Gazette

Loyd offered this warning: "If they ask for money, then it isn't work at home. It's give them money."

Free Calls To America From Almost Anywhere?

New York Times
Hopefully this free phone service doesn't become a tool for foreign scammers!

No Charge For 411 Help

Wall Street Journal

Be Wary of Job Offer Scams