Sep 25, 2011

FTC Asks Court To Halt Defendant from Impersonating Federal Agencies While Steering Consumers to Mortgage, Tax, and Debt Relief Services

I contacted the Wisconsin Broadcasters Association about similar questionable ads running on some--not all-- Wisconsin radio stations and asked them to run public service ads warning consumers. They said no. Here is exactly what they said: "We understand the request and the concerns but we are not in a position to run ads questioning the honesty of our advertisers.  We'd rather handle upfront with clients as they come in."  My opinion: Some out of state advertisers and some Wisconsin broadcasters are preying on people in Wisconsin who already have more than their share of trouble.  Shame!

The honest business people in Wisconsin who advertise on these stations lose credibility when lumped in with the dishonest out of staters. I would not advertise on these stations

 Dishonest advertising is bad for consumers, business and broadcasters.  The Better Business Bureau  wasn't created by the consuming public or government. The BBB was created by businessmen losing money because of  skeptical buyers.


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This ripoff happens in Wisconsin, too. Victims may be older people in pain or younger people trying to get back lost loves. Spirited away - WWW.THEDAILY.COM

Sep 18, 2011

The Rise of Tattoo Remorse: Heavy Cost to Erase What’s Often an Impulse Decision

"Pure luminous color fighting the silent shadows until the last"

The last line of a Walt Whitman poem reminds us that a beautiful sunset is a struggle between light and darkness. Darkness always wins, but for a brief moment beauty reigns. As Whitman wrote, "Pure luminous color fighting the silent shadows until the last."
Enjoy Whitman's poem read by a person with an exquisite voice. And see the luminous colors of a stormy Southern Wisconsin sunset.

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Sep 3, 2011

Janesville girl welcomed to Maryland by earthquake and chased home by hurricane

A nine-year-old girl from Janesville recently traveled to the Chesapeake Bay area of Southern Maryland to get acquainted with an aunt and uncle and cousins she had never met. The trip started with an earthquake and ended with a hurricane, but mostly it was family fun. The Van Buren fourth grader saw the Washington Monument just after it developed cracks and she had to leave five hours earlier than planned to escape Irene. Her Maryland family said they wished they had left, too, because their property was getting beat up and they didn't have electricity

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