Aug 30, 2013

Famous Rock River Poet of Black Hawk Island

Close ups of beautiful swallows and slow motion shots of them landing on the water

Allegation: "Product Dilution: Cheerios Decreases Vitamin Content"

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FTC Returns Additional $950,000 to Consumer Victims in DVD Vending Scam

Although you don't hear about them a lot, vending machine scams are common. I did stories about them when I was a Consumer TV reporter in Dallas and Green Bay.
Also be careful about companies that offer services to promote your invention. Most of the consumers I know that have dealt with these companies have lost thousands of dollars.

Before you start your own business, read this


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Employers play Obamacare blame game for cutting benefits


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Johnson & Johnson Reveals New Acetaminophen Warning Labels On Bottles Of Tylenol


'Scareware' case settled


How To Avoid The Latest Consumer Scams


Aug 24, 2013

Birds stuffing themselves with mulberries

Why I choose to not work - I'm happy being home


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Man Texts While Driving, Crashes Into Tractor Transporting Manure


Driving With Kids | 5 Ways to Save Your Child’s Life

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Bonding With Older Grandkids May Prevent Depression


Consumer Reports Tests Fancy Cooling Towels: They Don’t Work


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Attempt to intimidate reporter

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“USDA Tender” – A Cooperative Effort with the U.S. Beef Industry

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