Aug 23, 2009

Artist Jeremy Kraemer: "Don't give up!"

Two centuries after Lincoln's birth the nation is still in formation. As the United States has grown and expanded, one cost of that growth has been a splintering of many parts of our society. Competing values, interests and beliefs have complicated Lincoln's goal to find unity in our diversity.

The Bicentennial commemoration of his life and legacy will be a bright beacon to compelting our nation's "unfinished work."

Consumer Reports: "Reality check: 230 mpg in the Chevrolet Volt? Maybe if you think electricity is free."

Consumer Reports

Smart Money: "10 things your home builder won't tell you"

Smart Money

Job Search Firms: Big Pitches and Fees, Few Jobs

New York Times

Another questionable charge on your credit card you better pay attention to

New York Times

Aug 15, 2009

Strutting with a Chicago street musician

MSN Money: "How debit cards fleece consumers"

MSN Money

Top 10 recession related scams

ABC News

Car Compare: 2010’s Toyota Prius vs. Honda Insight

Wall Street Journal

10 things veternarians won't tell you

Smart Money

Pricing Out Car Repairs, Before the Repairs

New York Times

Remember to always get an estimate before getting major auto repair. In Wisconsin, car repair shops must call you with an estimate before starting the work--if you ask for an estimate. Check with consumer protection for complaints about the repair shop. Call 1-800-422-7128. You might also check court records.

How to Avoid Expensive Car Repairs

Consumer Reports

Fresh Views at FTC Overseeing Online Ads

New York Times

Regulators Rethink Approach to Online Privacy

Wall Street Journal

New Fannie Mae Rules May Hinder Condo Sales

The Masssachusetts real estate law blog

Consumer Reports will rate hospitals

Seattle Times

Web has tech answers; some of them are right

Aug 4, 2009

Online resource for WI journalists

Kidder Broadcast News Resource Center

Can you tape a telephone conversation? Can you lose an invasion of privacy lawsuit if you tell the truth? Need to know how to do a professional TV standup. Find out at this easy to understand resource.

The End of Investigative Journalism? Hardly, Judging by IRE Conference


What a big city without a newspaper?

New York Times Magazine