Dec 29, 2013


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Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article about my weekly videos

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Most Researched New and Used Cars for 2013 | Most Popular Cars

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Should you register that new product? Product-registration cards—and the info you put on them—aren't always needed for warranty coverage

Consumer Reports

New 'card cracking' scam gets students' debit card numbers and PIN

 Plain Dealing |

A Little-Known Credit Card Perk That Can Save You Big Blog

The IRS and Affordable Care Act are linked: Boycott Obamacare, and the penalty will be deducted from your tax refund

| Bankrate

Use Those Gift Cards Now

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There’s only one full-time, long-term J.D.-required law job available for every two law school graduates


1/3 Of Online Retailers Failed To Deliver Last-Minute Christmas Purchases On Time


Until you decide on a career, consider a lower-cost university and limit the amount of student loans you secure


When you swipe a debit card, you could be putting your entire bank account at risk


Computer Monitors and Eye Fatigue | Best Computer Monitor Features

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Dec 15, 2013

Fine arts photographers and skilled amateurs capture Rock River eagles

Cash-back rewards aren’t free money if you’re carrying a balance

Great Holiday Gifts for $10 or Less

Thinking about buying an extended warranty? Read this first

Dirty little secret of the House-approved budget: It includes a tax hike

 Bankrate, Inc.

The agent selling your house probably isn’t getting as big a cut of the deal as you may think

3 ways to make your bathroom shine

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BBB Tips To Avoid Four Holiday Scams

 BBB News Center

Giving in to the initial flood of excitement around receiving an inheritance could be dangerous.

How Does A $1,000 Loan Blow Up Into $40,000 Of Debt?


An extra 20% off a purchase to open a store card sounds like a good deal, right? Many Americans think so

 Bankrate, Inc.

Big Meat & Big Pharma Pleased As Punch With FDA’s Pointless New Antibiotic Guidelines


Top 5 Teen-Diving Safety Tips

Google Pulls Privacy Feature it Says Wasn't Supposed to Be in Android


5 life changes that could save older drivers money on car insurance

College education, race and dual-income households are top factors in a poor person’s upward economic mobility


What To Do If Your Health Marketplace Application Gets Stuck

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Dec 2, 2013

Do you have a three day right to cancel? Consumer myths (Thanks to WMTV for letting me use this vintage video)

Best Used Car Deals | All-Wheel-Drive Cars and SUVs

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Pricey washer produces lackluster laundry Fisher & Paykel washer is energy efficient but falls short on cleaning

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How to Save on Car Rentals

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AA Batteries that shine

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Holiday sales are great, but post-holiday sales are better. Can you wait?

 Bankrate, Inc.

Who made Consumer Reports' 'Naughty & Nice' list?'

New meat labels show born, raised, slaughtered locales

1 in 5 Americans say their main concern is to pay down debt -- including credit cards and student loans

Q&A: Will I really come out ahead financially if I pay extra toward my mortgage principal?

Unhappy with a product/service from a business? File a BBB complaint

BBB Online

Grandma and Grandpa would rather just give you cash. People older than 65 are the least likely to give gift cards

A New Worm Proves the Internet of Things Is Vulnerable to Attack


Millions of Fake Twitter Accounts Manipulate Trends, Popularity

Nov 3, 2013

Rotary Gardens dim beautifully before Holiday Light Show

Why Do People Spend Unpaid Hours Reviewing Everything On Amazon?


Online Shopping Dangers to Avoid

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Porn Troll Lawyers Hit With Legal Fees For Bullying Defendant


Hang up the phone, Microsoft is NOT calling you! Computer scammers are out in full force.

Washer and Dryer Reviews | Features that Count

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Undiagnosed High Blood Pressure

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Make data on wireless network performance during an emergency available to consumers. A proposed FCC rule would help you make an informed choice on a carrier

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Thin, light, and blazing fast, the iPad Air is a big step forward. If you've been thinking of upgrading or buying your first iPad, now is the time

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CNN advises early retirees: Don't fear losing your health insurance. But what do you think?


'Smart' shelves to spy on grocery store customers


Allegation: Magicjack: Good idea but many complain of bad service


Oct 28, 2013

Oct 20, 2013

Turkey trot to fall colors

Facebook Advertisers Rubbing Hands With Glee Now That Teens Can Post Publicly


Retailers Slowly Moving Away From Mag-stripe Credit Cards for: better security against counterfeting


Mechanically tenderized beef needs a label The meat industry opposes a proposed labeling rule, but the safety risk outweighs producers' concerns

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Walmart promises a blockbuster Black Friday What does that mean for consumers?

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Safe Riding Tips | Motorcycle Police

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JCPenney Joins Macy’s In Opening At 8 P.M. On Thanksgiving Day


5 Low-scoring Japanese Cars | Car Reviews

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Replacing Employer Coverage With a Marketplace Health Plan

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How to Review Your Medicare Advantage Choices

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Black Friday Predictions


Kellogg's False Ad Settlement

Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, LLP

Food poisoning: What you need to know

Study Links Phishing Vulnerabilities to Personality Traits'

Oct 13, 2013

Use of antibiotics on healthy animals must stop Superbugs present a public health crisis, as evidenced by the recent salmonella outbreak

Consumer Reports

Strange beauty of puffballs, mushrooms, and tree fungus

5 Obamacare Scams And How To Avoid Them

'via Blog this'

You can say goodbye to annoying automated robocalls

Why Did My Free Gift Card Cost $10?


Watch and Save on Streaming Subscriptions

Savings Experiment - DailyFinance

Plug-in Hybrid Trucks

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5 Things You're Overspending On

US News and World Report

Jury Says Toyota Wasn’t To Blame In Wrongful-Death Lawsuit


Furloughed? Protect your assets

 Bankrate, Inc.

Top 5 Most-American Cars

 Consumer Reports

California Sues For-Profit College Operator For Lying To Students & Investors


Can I Cancel Contract With Listing Agent?

Oct 5, 2013

Why Is The USDA Hiding Its Safety & Recall Information?


Janesville's underworld

How To Avoid 21 Car Dealer Scams

Business Insider

How to Enable a Hidden Commercial-Skipping Button on Any DVR


5 Ways To Save From Health Insurance Reform

Why Some Employers Seek Out Older Workers

Health Law Helper – Affordable Care Act Interactive Tool

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Best Products to Buy in October

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2014 Toyota Corolla misses the mark in tough crash test

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The Instagram Accounts Offering Student Loan Forgiveness Are Fake


Quick Kitchen Projects | Affordable Remodeling Ideas

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Robocallers Impersonate Teachers On Caller ID, Scare Parents


FCC’s new rules on telemarketing calls take full effect in October


Time for Medicare Open Enrollment


Sep 27, 2013

Save like Dave Ramsey...just don't invest like him


Fire breathing balloon over Janesville

15% In U.S. Don’t Use The Internet


Americans Say They'd Keep a PC Instead of a TV - Magid Survey


Don’t waste a windfall: Even a small inheritance can make up for years of saving too little


How to Handle Questions About Your Income

Financial Etiquette

Best Glucose Meters

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Best Small Vacuums for Families

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Toyota Avalon needs more than a tire swap for a smooth ride. Redesigned large sedan gives up comfortable ride to gain sporty character

Consumer Reports News

Wondering about this Obamacare question? 'I'm retired. What do I need to do?' Not much, just watch for scams


Fifteen Years In, Google Revamps Its Search Algorithm


Retirement Planning Versus College Savings

IIHS New Crash Avoidance Test | Forward Collision Warning Ratings

Consumer Reports News

Sep 20, 2013

Judge Jails TV Pitchman Kevin Trudeau So He’ll Cooperate In Fraudulent Infomercial Case


Liking Lichens around the Rock River

The truth about Angie’s List, Yelp, and more

 Consumer Reports

Public Investigator - Wisconsin firm named in Medicare card scam lawsuit

Public Investigator

Gold's worst days are coming

Term Sheet

2015 Volkswagen eGolf | Electric Cars

Consumer Reports News

Nikon 1 AW1 | Waterproof SLR-like Camera

Consumer Reports

New Law Would Modernize Nutrition Labels, Clarify Terms Like “Healthy” & “Natural”


Best Paint Colors for Kitchens | Interior Paint Reviews

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More Americans feel graduates unprepared after college


Chase To Pay $389 Million Over Illegal Charges For Credit-Monitoring Services


FTC Sends Refund Checks to Consumers Who Bought Walgreens' 'Wal-Born' Dietary Supplements


Thinking about buying supplements to avoid colds? Read about FTC's recent response to some product claims

Consumer Information

Aug 30, 2013

Famous Rock River Poet of Black Hawk Island

Close ups of beautiful swallows and slow motion shots of them landing on the water

Allegation: "Product Dilution: Cheerios Decreases Vitamin Content"

Mouse Print

FTC Returns Additional $950,000 to Consumer Victims in DVD Vending Scam

Although you don't hear about them a lot, vending machine scams are common. I did stories about them when I was a Consumer TV reporter in Dallas and Green Bay.
Also be careful about companies that offer services to promote your invention. Most of the consumers I know that have dealt with these companies have lost thousands of dollars.

Before you start your own business, read this


Please Don’t Press Any Buttons When You Get A Scammy Robocall


FTC gets cooperation with Nigerian Consumer Protection and Criminal Enforcement Authorities


Scammers still using MGE (power company) as bait


The Psychological Perks of Paying off Debt

 Fox Business

Employers play Obamacare blame game for cutting benefits


6 Costs College Students Can Probably Skip Before Heading To School


Losing sleep worrying about paying for your kids' college? Focus on funding your own retirement instead

Who doesn't have to pay federal income taxes? 43% of Americans


Boomers and Gen-Xers: Two different takes on retirement

Consumer Affairs

How to pick a health insurance plan

Consumer Reports

Johnson & Johnson Reveals New Acetaminophen Warning Labels On Bottles Of Tylenol


'Scareware' case settled


How To Avoid The Latest Consumer Scams


Aug 24, 2013

Birds stuffing themselves with mulberries

Why I choose to not work - I'm happy being home


Google Nexus | Tablet Problems - Consumer Reports News

 Consumer Reports News

Man Texts While Driving, Crashes Into Tractor Transporting Manure


Driving With Kids | 5 Ways to Save Your Child’s Life

Consumer Reports News:

Bonding With Older Grandkids May Prevent Depression


Consumer Reports Tests Fancy Cooling Towels: They Don’t Work


Do you need a powerful desktop?

Consumer Reports News

Got a timeshare for sale? How to get it sold (without getting scammed)


August Is A Great Time To Buy A Snowblower


Attempt to intimidate reporter

 ABC 15 Taking Action

“USDA Tender” – A Cooperative Effort with the U.S. Beef Industry

USDA Blog 

WSJ's Wireless Savings Calculator

Jul 20, 2013

Rhapsody for a Janesville bridge

When I left Wisconsin Consumer Protection 4 years ago at age 70, I made a documentry about the Rock River. As a result, the Janesville Gazette asked me to make videos for its Xtra webpage. Since June 2009, I've made 208 of them for the Gazette ...mostly on the river and its wildlife. These same videos circulating on You Tube have been viewed by people in every state in the Union and many foreign countries. I'm having more fun than I deserve!

4 Wisconsin residents face federal charges in time-share fraud case


Don't open your door. Door-to-door scams bloom in summertime

 MSN Money

4 ways to save on hair care

Bankrate, Inc

There's a good chance you are over paying for car insurance

Off to college? Be careful with credit cards

How to Ask for Money Back When Somebody Owes You

 Prairie Eco-Thrifter

When to report a car accident to an insurance company

Consumer Reports 

5 Traffic Tickets Costliest For Car Insurance

Get the most out of your gas grill with these six barbecue tips

Consumer Reports

Honda reveals next-generation Fit, teases crossover and hybrid models

Consumer Reports

Jul 5, 2013

Remedies for Better Cellphone Signal and Quality

Legendary Places--Greece

Check out this film by Ray Garner who worked for NBC and ABC in the early years of TV. His trademark was waiting for dark clouds to pass over, giving the landscape a dramatic lighting effect.

Consumers Can Save 40 Percent or More on Eyeglasses by Shopping Online and At Discount Retailers

Consumer Reports 

Q&A: Do I privately sell or trade-in my used car?

Consumer Reports

Beware Mobile Cramming Bogus Charges on Your Phone Bill


Canon reinvents autofocus for the new EOS 70D, allowing smooth AF for videos

Consumer Reports

How to Plan for an Inheritance


Haggling can pay, but many Americans refuse to bargain

Consumer Reports 

Hybrids, small turbos often fall short of EPA mileage estimates

Consumer Reports 

Secrets of the super travelers - Scout out remote locales

 Money Magazine

Five car maintenance myths and the money-saving truth

Consumer Reports

May 5, 2013

NY Shuts Down Sham Fundraising Company That Took In Millions Of Donations For Breast Cancer “Research”


Because of my many investigations into questionable charities, I say when in doubt don't give. I like Walgreens, but I told them today that I didn't appreciate being asked to donate money to charity when checking out. Some people might feel pressured to give. When someone pressures you to give money to charity, don't do it.

May 3, 2013