Sep 25, 2009

WCPO allegation: "Police: Lying Locksmith Using Local Homeowner Addresses"


Take-a-break video: Hard rain

A record setting 3.63 inches of rain fell in Madison on Tuesday, Sept 21, from the morning until the mid-afternoon.The previous record for September was 3.4 inches on Sept.18, 1874

10 Things Your Lawyer Won't Tell You

Smart Money

Debit card scam hits Beloit

Janesville Gazette

"I'm from the Government…": Latest Sweepstakes Scams Feature Con Artists Impersonating Government Officials

Forced Arbitration Is Ubiquitous, New Public Citizen Study Finds

Public Citizen

Fat Chance: Get a “Free” Month of Weight Watchers


FTC alert to up-front fees to aid homeowners


Tweet this: Con artists exploit social Web sites


Ghostwriting: The Dirty Little Secret of Medical Publishing


Nigerian scams evolve

Chicago Tribune

Sep 20, 2009

Take-a-break video: Sun shafts and moon beams

Springbrook Creek at Black Hawk Golf Course in Janesville just before flowing into the Rock River

CBS: Question bargains

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Sep 19, 2009

The Kiplinger fabulous free list


GM's New 60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee


Attention newspeople with non-compete contracts:Ruling makes it easier to enforce non-compete agreements

WI State Journal

Preventing Late Fees: Hurry Up and Credit My Account

If you’re sending money to a child in school or supporting a relative in some other way, you’ll spare yourself a lot of desperate phone calls if you can find a way to transfer money electronically into their account from your own linked account, say by listing yourself on the account with them.
New York Times

Sep 15, 2009

Sep 12, 2009


Ordered a Snuggie, Her Credit Card Shared

8 Things an Airline Would Never Tell You


Newsweek Changes Subscription Strategy

Washington Post

Buyer beware of DIY genetic tests

Facebook scam leads US woman to wire $4K abroad

The Star Online

Privacy, consumer groups want news laws to protect Web users

San Francisco Chronicle

IRS to Mine Payment Data on Mortgages

Wall Steet Journal

Banks move away from free checking

Wall Street Journal

Newsweek Changes Subscription Strategy

Washington Post

Why Wall Street Reforms Have Stalled

New York Times

Repair Options for Ailing Electronics

New York Times

For a Bounced Check in Dubai, the Penalty Can Be Years Behind Bars

New York Times

Seven New Rules for the First-Time Home Buyer

New York Times

Sep 6, 2009

Check out the dog who honked the horn to have fun

I'm sorry if you have been upset by some of the You Tube videos that pop up here when my videos are done playing!

When my videos finish on this page, I have no control over the videos that You Tube automatically links to because of similar key words. I have been embarrassed by some of them. And I just read an email from a dear friend who is upset with me because a stranger's video slandered someone she admires: "I am disappointed and shocked to think that you, a man whom I admired for your thoughtfulness, courage as a seeker of truth and justice, and many good works would engage in such low-life trashy shenanigans.... I can only hope that this is all some gross misunderstanding of purpose."

Supermarkets slow to speed up check out

Wall Street Journal

FDA Lacks Authority, Follow-Thru on Pet Food Recalls

Department of Health and Human Resources

Telemarketing: When written permission can be oral

Top 10 complaints about insurance companies

National Association of Insurance Commissioners

Roughly 2 million homeowners are stuck paying higher premiums for less-comprehensive coverage

Consumer Reports: "Roughly 2 million homeowners, particularly along the Gulf and Atlantic coasts, are stuck paying higher premiums for less-comprehensive coverage with state-run, last-resort insurance pools."

5 tips for netbook shopping

Smart Money

Know your rights if an airline bumps you

Summit Daily News

Top 10 investment traps