Sep 19, 2008

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Don't let your clothes dryer catch on fire

Washington Business Journal: "Most banks not compliant with identity theft rules"

Washington Business Journal

New card on campus: Prepayed debit

Wall Street Journal

25 simple ways to save energy

Consumer Reports

10 things banks will not tell you

Cyber Sleuth: Tracking down spammers

Sep 12, 2008

Contractor allegedly stole his customers' IDs

Sex, drugs and youth gangs in WI and a judge who looks for the best in everyone

Officer Joe Wagner of the Dane County Sheriff's Office says there are gangs in virtually all Dane County Communities and many other Wisconsin communities. (TRIAD Crime Prevention & Safety Expo in Madison, WI)

Despite his experience as a criminal prosecutor for domestic violence, violent felonies, sexual assaults and elderly abuse, Judge William Hanrahan of Dane County Juvenile Court still looks for the best in everyone. He looks back to one of his first days as a prosecutor in Milwaukee.

Advice for Countrywide Credit customers who received a securty breach notice

Survey: See How Your Credit Card Stacks Up

JD Powers

Comparison of ID theft monitoring services

Institute of Financial Consumer Education

How RFID Tags Could Be Used to Track Unsuspecting People

Scientific American

Background on Social Security Numbers and Privacy

Congressional Research Service

Ten worse insurance companies: alleged by the American Association for Justice

American Association for Justice

Journal Sentinel gets ‘Innovator of Year’ title

Milwaukee Journal

Sep 6, 2008

KWCH-TV 12: Shredded checks used for packing material

Stores on Line settlement in WI

Seattle Court Sets Aside AT&T's Arbitration Clause

Samsung Sued Over Alleged False Cartridge "Empty" Warnings


Consumer Reports Rates TV Converter Boxes

Consumer Reports has just updated its ratings of the set top boxes you will need for old analog TVs starting February 17, 2009. Based on comments posted by real owners of these boxes on other websites, the Channel Master CM-7000 and Zenith's new DTT901 (at Circuit City) are most preferred.

Top 10 opt outs

World Privacy Forum

Sep 4, 2008

280,954 mobile phones now on WI No Call List

The Wisconsin No Call list effective October 1, 2008 has 1,421,484 numbers.

There were 280,954 mobile telephone numbers added to the No Call list between June 5, 2008 and August 31, 2008.

On one day, August 11, 2008, there were 38,400 mobile numbers added to the list.

Public Investigator: Natural enhancement exposed

Milwaukee Journal

Sep 1, 2008