Feb 28, 2016

My Pillow Faulted for False Health Claims

Consumer Reports

Walleye, airborne skateboarders and pigeons

Recent 50 degree weather had Glen Loyd out filming fishermen and walleye, skateboarders and sleepy pigeons.
At the end of this music video, you will see close ups of the pigeons perched high above on powerlines at Monterey Dam.

Yuck! What’s On That Soda Can? CBS 11’S I-Team Finds Out

 CBS 11’S I-Team

Be aware of keyless car dangers


Inflated Tire Tread-wear Claims

Inflated Tire Tread-wear Claims | Consumer Reports - YouTube

7 Best Career Moves to Make in Your 20s


Popular Money Advice That Is Actually Terrible


Best Cars, SUVs & More - 2016 Autos Spotlight

Consumer Reports

Electronic tax scams surge 400%


FTC Brings Action Against Debt Relief Operation that Targeted Financially Distressed Homeowners and Student Loan Borrowers

Federal Trade Commission

Eero is a pricey but effective fix for Wi-Fi dead spots


“Counterfeit $100 bills in Green Bay” from Green Bay Police Department


Feb 21, 2016

You May Be Sprinkling Wood Pulp on Your Pasta, Not Parmesan Cheese


My weekly music video for the Janesville, WI Gazette

May the countryside and the gliding valley
streams content me. Lost to fame, let me love
river and woodland.                                Virgil

Older Consumers Targeted By Fraudsters Not Once, But Twice!

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Fake Online Locksmiths May Be Out to Pick Your Pocket, Too

The New York Times  NYTimes and Wall Street Journal articles may be blocked. Google their headlines to get there

Scammers let you go inside homes they don't own

WCPO Cincinnati

13 Free Things on the Internet You Should Be Using


Toyota Recalls 2.8 Million RAV4 SUVs Because Seatbelts Shouldn’t Separate


Traveler Complaints About Airlines Increased Nearly 30% Last Year


Senators: No More Federal Funding To For-­Profit Colleges That Strip Students Of Legal Rights


When a Dream House Becomes a Money Pit

The New York Times NYTimes and Wall Street Journal articles may be blocked. Google their headlines to get there.

Feb 13, 2016

Is College Worth the Price? Even Some High School Counselors Have Their Doubts


Hubble's beautiful images

Wisconsin has played an important and continuing role in the development of the Hubble space telescope. Edwin Hubble began his study of the stars at Yerkes Observatory near Lake Geneva. And UW Astronomers helped to develop the space telescope's cameras and other instruments. For example, the Hubble space telescope was launched 25 years ago with a UW photometer to sample the changing brightness of stars.
In his second video about the Hubble, Glen Loyd focuses on the beauty of the Universe revealed by the Hubble telescope.

Stop Saying You’re Sorry at Work


The truth about Ultra HD 4K TV refresh rates


Counterfeit Duracell Batteries Purchased on Walmart.com

The Counterfeit Report | Press Release

A Strategy to Maximize Social Security for Couples


Delta Air Lines Ticket Scam


DOJ Sues To Shut Down Liberty Tax Franchisee For Giving People Fake Jobs Based On Their Hobbies


Sears Holdings will move up the closings of Kmart and Sears stores that they were already planning


More Than 100 Crashes Caused By Confusing Jeep, Chrysler, Dodge Gear Shifters


Feb 7, 2016

One year after using an e-cigarette, 20 percent of teens surveyed turned to the real thing.

Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports Shares Mosquito Repellent Ratings For Zika Virus Prevention


Glen Loyd video: Astronomer Edwin Hubble started career in Wisconsin

Winners and Losers in the Latest Cheap Fast Food Battles | Money.com


Top 10 Consumer Complaints of 2015

SiteJabber Consumer Tips

Foods with "natural" labels can contain ingredients processed with chemicals?

Consumer Reports

Tempered glass doors of Kenmore ovens nationwide are shattering, and Kenmore blames the customers


There Are Suddenly A Lot Of Closed Old Country Buffet, Ryan’s & HomeTown Buffet Restaurants


New Computers to Watch for in 2016

Consumer Reports

2016 Honda Civic pulled from sale, and will be recalled soon.


Weight-loss supplements sold using free trials weren't on the up-and-up? You don't say