May 28, 2008

If there are toddlers nearby, be especially careful backing out of drive ways.

Right after WISC-TV in Madison warned about toddlers being killed and injured by cars when drivers are backing out of drive ways, it happened again in Wisconsin. A 15-month-old girl was killed Thursday (May 29)in Rock County. Last Sunday, a 13-month-old girl was killed in a Whitewater church parking lot.

CBS-TV: Shopping Network employees come forward with allegations


Plan would change penalties for early termination of cell phone contracts

Star Telegram

The catch with mail-in rebates on cell phone deals

May 11, 2008

May 8, 2008

Seven easy ways to be victimized by ID theft

Six ways to gain more check float time

Can a steamer replace your iron?

I think this article maybe directed to the older generation because from what I observe wrinkled clothing is in with many young people.

May 4, 2008

Pictures of these scary looking dustmites are sometimes shown to consumers by questionable vacuum cleaner salespeople trying to sell machines priced a thousand dollars higher than most good vacuums.

The latest medical information on dust mites suggests that vacuums don't help: Getting rid of dust mites—worthwhile?

By the way, some salespeople have also used AIDS to frighten people into buying vacuums. When AIDS became a known problem, consumers were told that the vacuums were air filtration systems that would protect families from the disease!

May 3, 2008

Look out when your credit card company sends you those blank convenience checks!

Fed to Pursue Aggressive Checks on Credit Cards

Washington Post

Green Bay area woman nicked by Nigerians

And here is Dateline video of another Wisconsin victim and a Dateline sting of the Nigerian scammers.

Want to work at home stuffing envelopes?

When I started as a Consumer Protection reporter in 1971 the stuffing envelopes scam dotted almost every newspaper classified ad section--because the scam worked like a chain letter. Instead of receiving envelopes to stuff when you sent in your money you got instructions on how to make money putting the same rip-off ad into other newspapers.

Thirty-seven years later, the envelope stuffing scam is still going fairly strong. Fact is there have never been any envelopes to stuff at home. Every last one of those ads is meant to deceive and steal money.

Here is the latest prosecution.

FTC Charges Mortgage Foreclosure “Rescuers”

Federal Trade Commission

What's that smoke drifting from your fluorescent bulb?

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Speeding Up Safety

With the government slow to act and consumers quick to mobilize, companies have learned to take swift action on potentially dangerous products. Washington Post