Apr 24, 2017

7 Ways Your Devices Are Spying on You


Decorah North eaglets turn gray

"The Decorah Eagles begin courtship in October, productive mating in late January or early February, and egg-laying in mid to late February. Hatching usually begins in late March to early April, and the eaglets fledge in mid-to-late June. While young usually disperse between August and October, the adults remain on territory year round," Raptor Resource Project

MyPillow Adjusts its Advertising Without Much Improvement

Consumer World

FTC, New York State Charge the Marketers of Prevagen With Making Deceptive Memory, Cognitive Improvement Claims

New York State and Federal Trade Commission

"The penny auction site DealDash made hundreds of thousands of dollars selling phony name-brand products, according to a class action from a Californian who says he lost thousands of dollars to the scam."

Courthouse News Service

Weber Rolls Out New Genesis II Gas Grills

Consumer Reports

How to Get Cheaper Car Rentals


How to Know When You Should Quit Your Job

Don't quit unless have another job lined up.

FTC challenges bloated weight-loss claims

Federal Trade Commission

Lay’s, Miss Vickie’s Kettle Cooked Jalapeno Chips Recalled Over Salmonella Concerns


Car ads might promise low payments, no interest, or zero down. But is there a catch? Here’s what you need to know

Federal Trade Commission

Tips on Determining If It’s Really The IRS At Your Door


How do scammers in your community connect with you?

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Supreme Court: General Motors Can’t Use Bankruptcy To Avoid Lawsuits Over Deadly Ignition Defect


Picking the Right White Paint

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Apr 10, 2017

Decorah eaglet dies; another bullied

This is a sad video about a Decorah eaglet death and bullying of another. Parents might want to screen it before showing to children. The Raptor Resource Project says, "We are sorry to announce the death of youngest North eaglet DN6. We believe that DN6 died of hypothermia...weakening it to the point it could no longer feed."

Some laptop makers overstate battery life


What to Do When a Spouse Risks Family Finances

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How to Shoot Great Video

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9 Secret Ways to Use Toothpaste That Will Make You Smile

 Money Talks News

From cleaning piano keys to zapping pimples, toothpaste has many great — and cost-effective — applications

You Can Get Into All National Parks For Free Two Weekends This Month


Got Hefty Medical Bills? Try Negotiating to Get Them Reduced

Consumer Reports

Find the Right Lawn Mower Type for Your Yard - Consumer Reports

Find the Right Lawn Mower Type for Your Yard - Consumer Reports: Is a battery-run mower right for you? When is a riding mower justified? Consumer Reports breaks it down for you.

Slowing Down the Rush to Open Heart Surgery

Consumer Reports

"A jewelry store employee must pay $34,500 for posting a fake review of competitor


The 10 Companies That Control Everything You Buy