Nov 16, 2012

More fake news

Both an email and online ad use the logos of CNN, CBS, and MSNBC and claim that Janesville stores can't keep a wonderful new diet pill on the shelves. But lucky you can buy it online. Despite the news logos and a photo of an attractive woman holding a microphone, this really isn't a news story. In fact, a concerned Wisconsin TV news anchorwoman along with Janesville residents contacted me about the misleading ad. I exposed this kind of questionable ad in the video below. The video is about work-at-home schemes, but the fakes news ads promote many products.

Survey: Store Gift Cards Are Better Deals / But my advice is don't buy any gift cards. Your recipient will appreciate cash which has no strings attached and is spendable to the last penny.

Stanton Optical Makes Blurry Glasses For Undercover TV Producer, Blames Doctor

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Business Opportunity Scams


If Gooey Blobs Of Mold Count As Vitamins We’ll Have To Pass On That VitaminWater

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We Never Knew The World Needed Caffeinated Cracker Jacks, But Here They Come

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7 Busted Myths To Weatherize Your Home |

Survey: When It Comes To Free Checking, Small Banks & Credit Unions Do The Best

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