Mar 11, 2011 Sued for Claiming Others are Looking for You


Diet Plan With Pregnancy Hormone Has Fans and Skeptics
I exposed HCG diet clinics as a reporter in Dallas Texas, in the 1970s.  Anyone who goes on the plan's 500 calorie a day diet will lose weight, so why risk injections?  I interviewed a Texas consumer injured during an injection.  When the HCG diet waned in the Dallas Fort Worth area, the liquid protein diet came on the scene, killing a number of young women.

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Mar 4, 2011

Hitler is always on call

When political name calling heats up, Hitler is always on call. 
He haunts us 24 hours a day on cable TV.
Hitler's own film,Triumph of Will, is still one of the most technically acclaimed and terrifying propaganda movies of all time!  
Virtually all films about this evil man borrow dramatic scenes from his own film. 
For example, America's own World War II propaganda film: Why We Fight. 

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