Dec 11, 2014

The snowstorms of youth

"It was one of those Christmas-card snowfalls: big, fluffy flakes coming down in gentle swirls and building up in a soft layer over eveything." --Bill Stokes

Why Paying Off Those Holiday Gifts May Be Harder Than You Think

Buying a Snow Blower vs. Hiring a Plow Guy

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Consumer Reports

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 Federal Trade Commission

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Bank Of America Must Pay Family $1 Million For 5 Years Of Unwanted Robocalls


Couple Tired Of Holiday Package Thefts Fills Box With Excrement, Sets Up Camera


Federal Trade Commission Continues Crackdown on Fad Weight-Loss Products

 Federal Trade Commission

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Why All Those Great Holiday Deals Aren’t Really Great Deals

Dec 1, 2014

Here's what a new car looked like in 1937

Getting new-car fever with all those great holiday car commercials on now? Back in 1937, car commercials played in movie houses and were almost as exciting and glamorous as they are today.
Though vehicles look much different today, one thing hasn't changed for car buyers: If you trying to save your money and stay out of debt, you should buy a used car recommended by Consumer Reports for reliability and fuel economy.