Jul 13, 2015

Scenes from a rainy day

A grey day soaked with a heavy rain, an evening with enchanting orange clouds, and a night graced by a full yellow moon. Keep an eye out for wading sparrows (a public domain photo from Wikipedia).

CA-DAs Fine Kohl's 1-Mil for Overcharging

PRESS RELEASE:  Kohl’s Department Stores Agrees to Settlement in Civil Protection Lawsuit of Nearly $1 Million District Attorney Jeffrey S. Rosell announced today that Kohl’s Corporation (“Kohl’s”) agreed to a settlement of $958,686.27 stemming from a civil complaint filed by the Santa Cruz County District Attorney’s Office along with Fresno, Riverside, and Shasta county District Attorneys. The complaint alleged that Kohl’s charged customers a higher price than the prices advertised on store shelves and signs. The complaint also alleged that material disclosures relating to the “Kohl’s Cash” program were not adequately made in Kohl’s advertisements. The case arose from scanner/price inspections by multiple county Weights & Measures units, including the Santa Cruz County Department of Weights & Measures. Kohl’s cooperated with inspectors and the prosecutor’s offices during the investigation and has instituted new policies and procedures to improve pricing accuracy. Without admitting wrongdoing, Kohl’s consented to the settlement that includes injunctive provisions to ensure future compliance, as well the payment for civil penalties, costs of investigation, and restitution. The matter was prosecuted for Santa Cruz County by Assistant District Attorney Kelly Walker, who said, “Our consumer protection unit brings these types of actions to ensure that customers are charged the correct price when paying at the register. Consumers in Santa Cruz County who believe they are a victim of a price overcharge may contact either the Santa Cruz County District Attorney’s Office Consumer Protection Unit at (831) 454-2601 or the Santa Cruz County Department of Weights & Measures at (831) 454-2383.

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