Oct 30, 2009

MoneyGram to Pay $18 Million to Settle FTC Charges That it Allowed its Money Transfer System To Be Used for Fraud

Federal Trade Commssion
Opinion by Glen Loyd: The stories above and below make me angry because so many consumers in Wisconsin get ripped off by out-of the-country criminals using wire services. This industry needs more regulation! Most rip-offs these days couldn't operate without wire companies.

Cyber Crooks Stole $40M From U.S. Small, Mid-Sized Firms

Washington Post
"When the mules pull the cash out of their accounts, they are instructed to wire it (minus a small commission) via services such as MoneyGram and Western Union, typically to organized criminal groups operating in countries like Moldova, Russia and Ukraine." Washington Post

Glen Loyd's take-a-break video: Final look at fall colors 2009

That TV investigative story may not be real!


Talk money before marriage

New York Times

4 urgent home repairs before you retire


Postpone retirement? No way!

Smart Money

It always amuses that in these you-can-have-it stories, they always seem to mention bolder investing. That doesn't always work, does it.

Cruise Critic Honors the World's Best Cruise Lines

Yahoo Finance

10 ways journalism has changed in the past 10 years

OnLine Journalism Blog

Think info about your prescription is private? Better think again


Oct 16, 2009

Exposers with their own questional offers

I monitor "scam" warnings on Twitter and have noticed that a lot of them conclude with questionable offers of their own! Be careful of any multi-level marketing offer, get-rich-quick businesses, mystery shopping jobs or miracle cures--even if the story starts off as an expose.

Glen's take-a-break video: Fall colors and kids

Defamation Suit Dismissed Against Alleged Online Griper and Web Site

Yahoo Finance

Reverse mortgages: Seniors should beware of scams

Orlando Sentinel

How to Get Out of Your Cell Phone Contract


29 fees we hate most


Oct 10, 2009

Wall Street Journal: "Gold is still a lousy investment"

Wall Street Journal

Watch what you say to insurers

Wall Street Journal

Glen's take-a-break video: Chubby the woodchuck

Why do I make these take-a-break videos? I have been listening to consumer complaints virtually every day since 1971 and they can burn you out. When I worked in TV newsrooms my phone was called the nutline and no one else would answer it. Most reporters and editors have their own nutlines to deal with. I've always tried to do one fun story a week to keep my spirits up.

Prepaid but not prepared for debit card fees

New York Times

In bad times bartaring can beat anything


Three ways to avoid overdraft fees


Oct 3, 2009

Green Bay, Milwaukee, and Eau Cliare Consumer Protection offices closing

My heart goes out to all the dedicated Consumer Protection employees in Wisconsin regional Consumer Protection offices (Green Bay, Milwaukee,and Eau Claire) closing in December.
If you folks come to work in Madison, you'll find great coworkers in a great city. But as you know, not only will your lives be disrupted, journalists in your parts of the state will lose important contacts for stories to protect area consumers. And because journalists themselves are experiencing cuts, I feel that Wisconsin consumers are becoming more vulnerable.Contact Glen Loyd in Madison at 219 6955

Since summer, Wisconsin has had a new contractor law


Hidden fees discovered for “free” Windows 7 upgrades


Stanley Siegel goes around the world after his TV start in Green Bay

"Stanley Siegel On the Go" sample reel from stanley siegel on Vimeo.

Click here for my memoir describing Stanley's controversial time in Wisconsin While in Wisconsin, Stanley tested a lot of consumer products in a zany manner and actually drove a Volkswagon into a lake to see if it would float. It floated and Volkwagon bragged about it in a national advertising campaign. Stan lives in a hotel close to Beverly Hills, CA. and travels the world for his TV show, "On The Go With Stanley Siegel."

Glen's take-a-break video: Following Fisher Stream

Fisher Stream runs through Rockport Park in Janesville and empties into the Rock River. Music by Kevin MacLeod.

5 Easy Steps to Stay Safe (and Private!) on Facebook

Read Write Web

NY Times Interviews New FTC Consumer Chief

New York Times

Fight begins over new consumer protection agency

Red Tape Chronicles

Chron Business: "Dannon Co. settled a false-advertising lawsuit"

Chron Business

Internet 'net neutrality' is endorsed by FCC chief

LA Times