Dec 28, 2015

Target Jumps On Gift Card Exchange Bandwagon; Offers Customers Less Than Cards Are Worth


8 Things You’re Better Off Buying After Christmas

Garbage man's exquisite heart

It's winter in Glen Loyd' video, but the little girl isn't wearing shoes. Her feet are skuffed where shoes should be.

9 ways to make your smartphone battery last longer

Clark Howard

Want structured settlement cash now? Not so fast!

5 Reasons to Call it Quits on Your Old Car

 Consumer Reports

The Best Time of Year to Look for a New Job

The Best Reason Not To Wait To Take Social Security

Fuel economy is an important factor to consider when buying a new car, even when gas prices are down

Consumer Reports

Here’s How Much the Average American Worker Has to Pay for Health Care

How to Stick to a Budget, Save Money, and Spend Less

9 Ways Money Does Buy Happiness

Worst Cars of 2015 in Consumer Reports' Tests

Consumer Reports

Should You Tell Your Friends How Much Money You Make?

The Truth About Sleeping Pills

 Consumer Reports

Dec 20, 2015

Why Kohl’s Employees Will Be Pulling All-Nighters Until Christmas

Which Retailers Have Changed Their Return Policies This Holiday Season?


Hibernation, early film by Star Wars craftsman

Last week Glen Loyd told us about Thomas G. Smith who learned how to make movies filming farmers here in Southern Wisconsin and went on to work with Steven Spielbeg and George Lucas on films such as Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark and Poltergeist. Glen has another early movie by Thomas G. Smith. For more information on Thomas G. Smith go to

The Worst Day to Buy a Plane Ticket


Why Gadget Warranties Are (Almost) Never Worth It


JPMorgan Chase To Pay $367 Million For Secretly Steering Clients To Investments That Benefited Bank


My Pillow Become Your Pillow?

Consumer Reports

18 People Arrested In Return Fraud And Gift Card Sales Scheme


Opinion:Tooth decay prevention Getty Images "It’s unnecessary for patients to have fillings because they’re not required in many cases of dental decay."

Most Fuel-Efficient SUVs

 Consumer Reports

Washington Attorney General Sues Tech Support Company For Scamming Customers


Best Robotic Vacuums | Vacuum Reviews

Consumer Reports

Dec 12, 2015

The film that ties 'Star Wars' to Wisconsin and shows 4-H farmers from 1960s

Thomas G Smith was a special effects coordinator under Steven Spielberg and George Lucas on films such as Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark, and Poltergeist . He was also General Manager of the George Lucas’ Industrial Light and Magic studio. This week, Glen Loyd has an early film made by Smith for Encyclopaedia Britannica Educational Films about a Southern Wisconsin Farm family.

The Best Age to Claim Social Security? A New Tool Helps Decide


Do you wash your reusable grocery bag? You should

Just in time for holiday shopping: Researchers warn of stealthy, credit-card-stealing malware

Washington Post

How to Say “I’m Too Busy” Without Sounding Like a Slacker

We rate laminate countertops higher than granite

Consumer Reports

Debt collectors and servicers make millions of dollars from the federal student loan program


5 Laptops We Love for Under $600

Consumer Reports

Dec 6, 2015

Nov 22, 2015

Wolverines in Wisconsin?

Consumer World: Black Friday/Holiday Shopping Tips and Bargains

Consumer World

2 Wants To Know Finds Walgreens Overcharging Again


9 times you can ask for a discount


The 8 Best Deals at Target


7 Signs Your Boss Is Horrible


10 Things Everyone Spends Their Money on... Except Millennials


Feds File Criminal, Civil Cases Against More Than 100 Supplement Companies


FTC Bans Wire Transfers, Reloadable Cash Cards, And Payment Orders In Phone Transactions


9 Real Estate Code Words That Should Send You Running

Sprint Promises To Actually Cut Your Bill In Half This Time, Maybe


3 Things We’ve Learned About How Demographics, Credit Scores & Marital Status Affect Your Car Insurance Rates


Nov 8, 2015

Sweetener Used In Gum Blamed For Increase In Accidental Dog Poisonings


All the Places Veterans Can Eat & Drink Free on Veterans Day

My weekly Janesville, WI Gazette video

The eagles in this video were photographed by Darin Pfaff at Lake Mills, WI. He was fishing a weed bed full of blue gill and perch. "The eagles found me there one Saturday and moved in," says Pfaff. "I had fish for breakfast only one weekend because the birds wiped out the weed bed in short order."

Lowe’s Agrees To $1.1M In Refunds Over Sketchy Flooring Installation Price Quotes


How to Write Emails That Will Land You a Job

Wardrobe Mistakes That Will Blow a Job Interview

What to Do With Excess Retirement Income

What to Do When You Find Out a Coworker Earns More Than You

New York is going after Verizon, Time Warner Cable and Cablevision for slow Internet speeds

The Washington Post

Consumer Reports: Save money on driveway repair

KIMA CBS 29 - News, Weather and Sports - Yakima, WA

Questions Are Raised Over Thrift Store Chain's Charitable Deeds

 NBC News

Oct 26, 2015

Google tracks everything you do: here's how to delete it

 (Wired UK)

My weekly Janesville Gazette video

Neil Rettig of Prarie du Chien, WI is a world-renowned, 6-time Emmy award winning cinematographer who works with National Geographic, the BBc, PBS and IMax. Neil tells our Glen Loyd why he and his wife, Laura, picked Wisconsin for their home base

5 Lies Retailers Tell — and How to Spot Them

Money Talks News

6 Smart Real Estate Moves That Will Pay For Themselves

4 Hobbies That Could Get You a Job

These Are the Bachelor’s Degrees With the Highest Starting Salaries

Mazda Recalls 1.2M Vehicles Because Grease In The Ignition Can Cause A Fire


Apple Bans More Than 250 Apps From App Store For Accessing Users’ Information


The lawsuit over 11.5-inch Subway sandwiches has finally been settled. Consumers get... 12-inch sandwiches


Google Says Mobile Search Has Surpassed Desktop Search


UPS Agrees To Pay $4.2M To Resolve False Delivery Claims With 17 States


Bits Special Section: Security & Privacy

 The New York Times

Why Wendy’s and McDonald’s Are Replacing the Dollar Menu

Oct 19, 2015

Dietary Supplements Lead to 20,000 E.R. Visits Yearly, Study Finds

The New York Times

World's most powerful raptor

The High Cost of Clutter

Store-Branded Credit Cards Charge Upwards Of 29% Interest


Is it Cheaper to Have a Baby When You’re 26 or 36?

Opinion: Why Millennials Are Better Off Waiting 10 Years to Buy a Home


4 Steps to a Better Doctor's Appointment

Consumer Reports

8 Things Your Homeowners’ Insurance Won’t Cover


Amid Growing Concerns About Employee Betting, DraftKings & FanDuel Have Best Weekend Yet


How to Keep Fantasy Football from Fouling Up Your Finances

KIA Recalls 370,000 SUVs Because Cars Aren’t Supposed To Drive Away Themselves


What Works For Hip And Knee Pain

Consumer Reports

What Can I Do to Relieve Hammertoe Pain?

Consumer Reports

Oct 11, 2015

300,536 Views for Glen Loyd's videos

Thanks to everyone who watches my weekly Janesville, WI Gazette videos on You Tube. I've just reached a total of 300,536 views. I will have close to 80,000 views this year alone, a gain of 10,000 over 2014. Some of my individual videos have had 45,000 views.

National Geographic Photographer Neil Rettig and his pets

Neil Rettig of Prairie du Chien is a world-renown, 6-time Emmy award winning cinematographer who works with National Geographic, the BBC, PBS, and I Max.
From the Wisconsin cliffs of the Mississippi River, Neil filmed the American Eagle for the PBS Nature series and has also documented rare forest eagles--the Harpy eagle of Central and South America and the Philippine eagle.
He also trained snow geese to fly by the Statue of Liberty with Go Pro cameras for the BBC's First Flight programs 
Glen Loyd continues his conversations with Neil Rettig at his home near the Mississippi.

Does Your Old iPhone Feel Slow? You’re Not the Only One

Man Recruited Homeless To Help Him Steal As Much As $800K From Home Depot


Jamaican Lottery Scammers Gained Skills in Call Centers

Consumer Reports

Survey Results: The Most Reliable Laptops

 Consumer Reports

New Bill Would Punish Corporate Execs With Jail Time For Lying About Deadly Products


VW Offering Owners $2,000 “Loyalty Bonus” For Buying A New Car, Sticking With The Company – Consumerist


Mossberg: The real trouble with web ads

 The Verge

Our readers told us that while studies may say otherwise, e-cigs helped them quit tobacco

 Consumer Reports

The battery life does suffer, but the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus ae the best iPhones yet

Consumer Reports

Oct 4, 2015

Darkening Disappearing Moon

Genesis1:16  And God made the two great lights—the greater light to rule the day and the lesser light to rule the night...

There is nothing like an eclipse of the moon to get scientists revved up with explanations. But man and his mathematicians don't know everything about the universe. Despite finding water on Mars, NASA sa.ys it still doesn't know if life exists beyond earth. And Wikipedia says the size of the universe is unknown and may be infinite. When I was filming the eclipse this week, it was hard not to sense something Biblical about it

Ford Edge Review - Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports

Men Nap at Work and Zone Out in Meetings More Than Women

Ford Dealership Bans Another Customer For Imperfect Survey Responses


How Getting a Mortgage Is About to Change

How to Buy Long-Lasting Tires

Consumer Reports

5 Little-Known Ways to Get Your Student Loans Forgiven

"The 7 Most Outrageously Expensive Whole Foods Products"

Memory Supplements Spiked With Vinpocetine

Consumer Reports
Consumer Reports chief medical adviser Marvin M. Lipman, M.D. says, "All dietary supplements should be viewed with great caution and used at one’s own risk."

Can’t afford college? Don’t feel guilty

Which Small SUV Fares Best in the Snow?

Consumer Reports

The underreported $3 billion crime

Moms Try To Snag Taylor Swift Tickets, Get Scammed Twice


5 Things to Do Now to Avoid Holiday Debt

5 Things to Do Now to Avoid Holiday Debt |

Should We Buy a Home Now or Keep Renting?

Best Cars for Snow | SUV & Wagon Survey

Consumer Reports:

Sep 27, 2015

Do You Really Need AWD in the Snow?

Consumer Reports

Why NFL Players Are So Likely to Declare Bankruptcy

Dangerous bird with dagger beak

Striking quickly with their sharp bills, these pterodacytyl-like monsters have no natural predators and can even cause serious injury to humans. Great blue heron chicks are often aggressive toward each other and some are pushed out of the nest.--Seattle Audubon Society.

Vacuums That Make a Clean Sweep

Vacuum Reviews

The 10 Commandments of Salary Negotiation

The 10 Commandments of Salary Negotiation

Here’s What It Cost Me to Be in a Sorority for 4 Years

Wedding Venue Fined $305K For Taking Deposits For Events It Couldn’t Possibly Host


5 Great TV Deals in All Screen Sizes

 Consumer Reports

The Best Reason Not To Wait To Take Social Security

When Friends Push Financial Fraud

Consumer Reports

Why It’s Better to Live Near Trader Joe’s Rather Than Whole Foods

3 Ways You Can Help Protect Against Elder Scams


Sep 21, 2015

Be careful of hotel room real estate seminars!

In the past, there have been Wisconsin consumers sorry they attended get-rich-quick real estate seminars in hotels. Two things to keep in mind: out-of-town businesses that operate in hotels eventually leave town.  And if real estate deals are so profitable  why aren't these experts taking their own advice rather than trying to sell it to you?

Why You Can’t Trust the Advice You Get from Social Security

Oh deer!

Sometimes you see a lot of deer along the Rock River in Janesville. If you are very lucky, you will see them swimming. If you have hostas, they will visit your backyard and leave you with nubs. Or deer may suddenly appear at your backyard cook out, and then gallop off. I've seen groups of them come up from the river at the western edge of Lustig park, jump the fence at the Wisconsin School for the Blind and then race around residential areas in the middle of the street. The ones you will see in this video were filmed at Lustig before they jumped the fence.

Police: Robbery Suspect Told Pizza Restaurant Worker He Was “Having A Bad Day”


Yes, Owners Of Recalled Volkswagens Can File Deceptive Marketing Complaints With The FTC


Is Running Your Own Business Worth the Hassle?


How to Protect Yourself From Scams on Craigslist


50.4% of employees expect to work for a different company just 1 year from now. Find out why

[New Report] The greatness gap: The state of employee disengagement

The Fed Left Interest Rates Alone. Here’s What it Means for You

Apple CarPlay Turns Your Auto Into an iPhone on Wheels


Car battery thefts from hybrid cars, especially Prius' on the rise in San Francisco

Four ways to spot a student loan scam

" I created a fake business and bought it an amazing online reputation"


Sep 13, 2015

Desert so hostile that man has yet to set foot on it

The beautiful Sand Barrens of the Lower Wisconsin River with its cactus and lizards are called the Wisconsin Desert, but the hostile desert Glen Loyd takes us to this week seems devoid of life.

Don’t Pay A Telemarketer $500 Up Front For A Discount Travel Club Membership


10 Things Never to Say in a Work Email

For-Profit Colleges Lead The Way On Loan Defaults


Salmonella Outbreak In Minnesota Linked To At Least 17 Chipotle Restaurants


Spotting the Signs of Food Poisoning

Consumer Reports

State AGs And Former RadioShack Reach Unredeemed Gift Card Settlement

Another reason not to buy gift cards! My advice is never every buy gift cards!

Sony: You Actually Shouldn’t Use Waterproof Xperia Phones Underwater


Turns out that some MRIs can hurt you. Especially if you have 17 of them

 Consumer Health Choices

2 Ways to Turn Your Phone Into a Pro-Quality Camera

Yahoo Tech

Sep 7, 2015

Is it a new census form -- or a scam?

Walleye, Northern Pike and Family Fun

My Weekly Janesville Gazette Video
Just up river from my Studio in Janesville is the It's a Keeper Bait Shop, a fun place if you're hankering to catch a fish or hungry. Children are welcome and appreciated.

Trump University Was A Scam, Say Former Students

NY Ethics Board Drops Trump Complaint About Attorney General

ABC News

50 Personal Finance Habits Everyone Should Follow

2015 Best & Worst Fuel Economy

 Consumer Reports

8 Car Repair Mistakes That Can Cost You

8 Car Repair Mistakes That Can Cost You 

Man Masquerading As Walmart Employee Walks Out The Door With Four Big Screen TVs


13 Windows 10 Bugs Microsoft Needs to Fix Right Now/David Pogue

Yahoo Tech

Consumer Interest In electronic Wearables Fading Fast


Almost None of the Women in the Ashley Madison Database Ever Used the Site [Updated]


Meijer investigated in Wisconsin for pricing too low

Fake Boss Wire Transfer Scammers Have Now Stolen $1.2 Billion From Companies


Why you shouldn't let your gas tank drop below 1/4 tank

Clark Howard

Aug 30, 2015

5 First-Time Homebuyer Mistakes To Avoid

Bird migration starts in Southern Wisconsin

Last night in V formation, hundreds of Canadian Geese flew over the Rock River in Janesville, honking and crying, while getting in shape for a long journey. Other birds are itching to go, too. (In this video I mentioned that the Weather Channel wanted to feature my recent purple martin video, but they ended up not using it.)

The Disgusting Results To Our Dirty Movie Theater Investigation



FinancialContent Business Page

What's the best age to have a baby

163 Free Things to Do in America's Top Travel Destinations


Dont Fall Into These Social Security Traps


Woman Says Walmart Tech Totaled Her Car, Company’s Effort To Make It Right Falls Short


4 Ways Your Car Spies on You — and How to Protect Yourself

 Money Talks News

Deadly Counterfeits | Dangerous Fakes

Consumer Reports

Looking for the Lowest Prices on Textbooks?

Consumer Reports

The 7 worst rip-offs you’re still falling for

Aug 16, 2015

Rock River's late season baby ducks

This week's video is about dabbling ducks. Some ducks dive under water to find food while others called dabblers rarely dive and find food closer to the water's surface. See Wikipedia for a full explanation.

Majority of free fitness apps are shams: Study

 BGR India

#1 Scam Comes via Telephone.


California lawsuits challenge Kohl's discount pricing practices


Looking for the lowest prices on textbooks? Price comparison sites may help you get a better deal

Consumer Reports:

How to remove six common household stains/ Home and store-bought remedies that work wonders

 Consumer Reports

Should I rent or buy a home?

Here’s How Rich You’d Be if You Stopped Drinking

7 Things College Students Need to Know About Picking a Bank Account

When a gift card sells from a kiosk, the retailer gets about $4.50 and the gift card marketer gets the same amount

Gift-Givers Love Gift Card Kiosks, And Retailers Love Them Even More – Consumerist

Here’s Why You Don’t Buy Cars From Some Guy On Craigslist Who’s In A Huge Hurry


Aug 9, 2015

The cars that women love / Consumer Reports' auto survey shows where the road forks by gender

Consumer Reports

Here's why you haven't gotten a raise


Dancing with weekly Janesville Gazette video

And the Fireflies were dancing, so I danced too!--Rudyard Kipling

What more could you ask for in a summer evening...a dazzling red sunset, a stunning yellow moon, and soft white dots in the dark from flickering fireflies... all in this week's video!

10 Social Media Blunders That Can get You Fired — or Worse

10 Characteristics of Debt-Free People

Angry Orchard Recalls Hard Cider Because Beer Bottles Aren’t Supposed To Break When You Open Them


Rip-Off Alert: Car dealer's outrageous ads scam consumers


Windows 10 email scam

Tech Insider

New version of the Grandparent phone scam

Newsradio WTAM 1100

Exposed: Behind the Brain Drain at Consumer Reports


Jul 13, 2015

Scenes from a rainy day

A grey day soaked with a heavy rain, an evening with enchanting orange clouds, and a night graced by a full yellow moon. Keep an eye out for wading sparrows (a public domain photo from Wikipedia).

CA-DAs Fine Kohl's 1-Mil for Overcharging

PRESS RELEASE:  Kohl’s Department Stores Agrees to Settlement in Civil Protection Lawsuit of Nearly $1 Million District Attorney Jeffrey S. Rosell announced today that Kohl’s Corporation (“Kohl’s”) agreed to a settlement of $958,686.27 stemming from a civil complaint filed by the Santa Cruz County District Attorney’s Office along with Fresno, Riverside, and Shasta county District Attorneys. The complaint alleged that Kohl’s charged customers a higher price than the prices advertised on store shelves and signs. The complaint also alleged that material disclosures relating to the “Kohl’s Cash” program were not adequately made in Kohl’s advertisements. The case arose from scanner/price inspections by multiple county Weights & Measures units, including the Santa Cruz County Department of Weights & Measures. Kohl’s cooperated with inspectors and the prosecutor’s offices during the investigation and has instituted new policies and procedures to improve pricing accuracy. Without admitting wrongdoing, Kohl’s consented to the settlement that includes injunctive provisions to ensure future compliance, as well the payment for civil penalties, costs of investigation, and restitution. The matter was prosecuted for Santa Cruz County by Assistant District Attorney Kelly Walker, who said, “Our consumer protection unit brings these types of actions to ensure that customers are charged the correct price when paying at the register. Consumers in Santa Cruz County who believe they are a victim of a price overcharge may contact either the Santa Cruz County District Attorney’s Office Consumer Protection Unit at (831) 454-2601 or the Santa Cruz County Department of Weights & Measures at (831) 454-2383.

Whole Foods Admits to Sometimes Overcharging Customers


FDA Requiring Stronger Heart Attack & Stroke Warnings For Many Common Painkillers


6 Reasons Not to Be Ashamed of Your Frugal Ways |

Federal Agencies Have Trouble Hiring Experts Who Can Fend Off Hackers


9 Vacation Spots That Are Better (and Cheaper) Than the Places You Want to Go

Jun 28, 2015

Eagles, sandhill cranes and water lilies

Glen Loyd says the eagle fledglings he's been following are still in the nest and adjoining tree branches.

FTC on Twitter: "What happens if you borrow money in exchange for your car title?

FTC on Twitter: 

How Facebook Is Taking Over the World

70% of Rich Families Lose Their Wealth by the Second Generation

KFC Wants An Apology After Lab Tests Show Fried Rat Shape Is Actually Just Chicken


Best & Worst Three-Row Vehicles

Consumer Reports

Subaru Recalls 72,000 Vehicles Because Automatic Braking Systems Are Supposed To Actually Help Drivers


Pros and Cons of Induction Cooktops | Cooktop Reviews

Consumer Reports

Whole Foods Is Accused of Overcharging Customers Again |

FCC Gives Phone Companies Okay to Block Robocalls, But Will They?

NBC News

Best lawn mowers

Consumer World: Poor Warranty Disclosure at Online Retailers

Consumer World

Jun 21, 2015

Counting eagles and swans

Last year  a Department of Natural Resources survey found 1,279 occupied eagle nests in Wisconsin. Only four were  in Rock County and 7 in Dane County. Glen Loyd has been documenting an eagle family east of Madison.

Opinion: "How Beats Tricks You Into Thinking It Makes a Premium Product"

Opinion from gizmodo
What’s really in a $200 pair of Beats headphones? According to a teardown by venture capital firm Bolt, about $16.89 worth of parts. They found a device mostly made out of injection-molded plastic, pieces of metal that serve no purpose other than to make the headphones feel heavier than they really are, and a whole lot of glue.

Eat Smart With These 4 Tips

Consumer Reports

How to Be in Your Friend’s Wedding and Not Go Broke

Use your gas grill like a stove Your gas grill is more versatile than you may think

 Consumer Reports

NY-AG Investigating eBay & PayPal for Forced Opt-in to Robocalling

 The New York Times

Hidden Holes in Your Homeowners Insurance Policy

 Yahoo News

Consumers will be losers as more businesses hang up on voice mail

 LA Times

5 High-Paying Jobs That Will Make You Miserable

Biggest corporate political interests spend billions, get trillions

 Sunlight Foundation

FCC Votes To Give Consumers The Right To Block Annoying Spam Robocalls And Texts


Jun 14, 2015

Fresh fish for eagle fledglings

Glen Loyd continues to dccument a Southern Wisconsin eagle family

7 New Cars That People Most Regret Buying

Amazon Prime Instant Video vs. Netlfix Video Streaming Showdown

Consumer Reports

IRS Working With State Agencies & Tax Preparation Companies To Combat Refund Fraud


Is Your ISP Not Following Net Neutrality? The FCC’s Got A Complaint Form For That.


Corvette Tragedy Highlights Problem With Unique Car Controls

Consumer Reports

What To Know Before Fed Hikes Interest Rate

Now in effect, net neutrality rules should ensure a 'fast, fair, and open' Internet These FCC rules prevent ISPs from blocking, throttling, and striking paid prioritizing deals

Consumer Reports

CBS CEO Les Moonves Tells Code Conference How TV is Changing | Re/code


10 Lies Rich People Never Believe

Is it better to tip in cash or on a credit card?

FCC Lifeline program has a problem This subsidized phone program for low-income Americans struggles with abuse

Consumer Reports:

May 31, 2015

All 50 States Charge Four Cancer Charities With Bilking Over $187 Million from Consumers

Federal Trade Commission

See Southern Wisconsin Eagle family with fledglings

What Happens To Heirs And Mortgages After I Die?


Beware Of Undisclosed Fee Added To Car Price

Before your next road trip, use our tire care "cheat sheet" to keep you & your family safe

Consumer Reports'

Keep Your Health Care Insurance Costs Down

Consumer Reports

A Married Coworker Flirted With Me And I Didn't Know What to Do


How To Check for Bed Bugs In Hotels

 Consumer Reports

Living Paycheck to Paycheck on $75,000 a Year


Dawn dish match: math: Two ounces less detergent means "2X more"


Ford Recalls Nearly 445K Vehicles For Power Steering Failure, Fuel Leak Issues


The Best Kitchen Countertop for Your Money


College Graduates' Average Income: Starting Salaries


There were seven more reports of potentially-toxic beetles in organic salads last week


“Rachel Robocalls” Case Liable for $1.7 Million

Federal Trade Commission

PayPal Fined $25-mil for "Bill Me Later" Violations


May 25, 2015

Dangerous journeys

Goslings go blindly where ever their parents lead them...even to dangerous places.

CDC Links Salmonella Outbreak Reported in 9 States including Wisconsin To Sushi Made With Raw Tuna


Best Robotic Vacuums

 Consumer Reports

The 9 most misleading product claims

Yahoo Finance

Don’t make these costly mortgage-shopping mistakes

Consumer Reports 

How Do We Smartly Limit Smartphone Use When Driving?

 Consumer Reports

Give Your Car a Clean Start for Summer Road Trips

 Consumer Reports

Money Secrets Of Your Millionaire Neighbor 

Cable Company Tech Arrested After Allegedly Grabbing, Shoving Customer


BBB warns of new phone scam targeting Social Security numbers

 KCRG-TV9 | Cedar Rapids, Iowa

This problem sinks 25% of all small businesses

Is it cheaper to own your own RV or stay in a hotel?

5 things that just got more expensive this summer

Fabulous Freebies -- Valuable Things You Can Get for Free


3 On Your Side: Shattering Sunroofs Surprising Drivers

 CBS Philly

How to know if your car is part of the largest consumer recall in history

 The Washington Post

May 3, 2015

Sunning turtles, pest-controlling weekly Janesville Gazette video

Over 50% of Adult Children Don't Know Where Their Parents' Will Is

Catching Walleye on the Rock weekly Janesville Gazette video

Worried that your connected devices are collecting too much personal data? Here's what you can do

Consumer Reports

How to Find the Owner of a Lost Phone

David Pogue 

If you’re looking for an SUV but your budget & parking space are small, check out our first drive of the @Honda HR-V

Consumer Reports

Net Neutrality Is Already Improving Internet Connections And It Hasn’t Even Gone Into Effect


See How Your Neighborhood Ranks As a Place to Age

44,000 Cars Were Stolen Last Year for One Dumb Reason

Couples and Money: 3 Questions Couples Must Ask Before Getting Married


Will the New Consumer Privacy Bill Protect You?

How do I fix a suspicious charge on my credit or debit card?

The New York Times Will Hit One Million Digital Subscribers Soon. But Does It Matter?


Apr 20, 2015

Best Used Cars Under $10,000 - Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports

The latest Google Maps app is amazing, but also confusing. So in my column/vid today, I offer a tour and tips.

 David Pogue

The 25 careers in which women are most underpaid

Eagle, Great Blue Heron and Sandhill Crane

From a distance, Great Blue Herons and Sand Hill Cranes look similar. But but close up, you see herons have a white face and Sandhills are grey with a red crown. Rolling in mud can give Sandhills a redish-brown appearance. Great Blue Herons fly with their necks tucked back while Sandshills don't

Blood pressure: How low do you really need to go? The surprising reasons you might be able to delay using meds to lower your pressure—or not take them at all

Consumer Reports

Surefire Ways to Save at the Supermarket

Consumer Reports

Deceptive ads, loan fraud and odometer fraud FTC cracks down on car dealers again

Bankrate, Inc

Group Of Doctors Want Dr. Oz Removed From Columbia Medical Faculty For Promoting “Quack Treatments”


Why NFL Players Are So Likely to Declare Bankruptcy

Why you probably don't have to worry about being audited (unless your income is over $10 million