Jun 29, 2014

$3 movies all summer

AMC Theatres

Flying insects harrass whooping cranes and eagles

Why Senior Travel Discounts Aren’t Always the Best Deal


New Law Would Give USDA Authority To Recall Contaminated Meat & Eggs


Red Cross Raised More Than $300 Million After Hurricane Sandy: How Did They Spend It?


‘Employee Of The Year’ Postal Inspector Charged With Stealing Passports, Pills, Playboys From Packages


Gut Check: A Reference Guide for Media on Spotting False Weight Loss Claims


Pay With Phone: Questions to Ask Before You Do It


Have the kids in a summer day camp? Hold on to the receipts. The IRS counts this toward your child care credit claim



Consumer World

BBB Warns of Robocalls


Fake Package Delivery Emails Carry a Virus


Your 4 Favorite Things to Eat & Drink Are Getting More Expensive


Jun 22, 2014

Decorah eagle babies talk take flight

Keep Your Passwords Safe and Manageable

Consumer Reports

Target 2: Driveway Crew Scams Thousands from Brown County Woman


Keep Your Children Safe Online This Summer


“This Looks Like My Hearing Aid”: What Happens When The Older Set Tries Google Glass


Invited to attend a destination wedding? Use this one word, if it's a budget-buster


Sophisticated scammers pose as IRS agents


VIDEO: Our testers watch #paint dry so you don't have to--here are our top interior paints

Consumer Reports

Money alleges: "The Worst Dropout Factories and Diploma Mills: Is Your School on the List?"


Consumer Reports Calls for Ban on “Natural” on Labels

Consumer Reports '

Ford Overstated MPGs on 6 Cars; Will Pay Back Buyers


Campbell Facing Lawsuit Over Deceptive V8 Juice Drink Marketing

Center for Science in the Public Interest

Jun 15, 2014

Secrets of the Green Heron

Wikipedia says that green herons are one of the few species of animals known to use tools. Here's a hard-to-find green heron in Rock County. The bottom video lets us actually see a green heron fishing with bread crumbs

Jun 8, 2014

Wisconsin Wildflowers

Don't judge Wisconsin wildflowers by some of their names: skunk cabbage, blood root and hepatica, named after the Latin word for liver. These flowers are beautiful no matter what you call them!

BBB Offers Tips on Hiring Lawn Care Services


Saving Money Secrets Of Rich And Frugal


Ninth Circuit opinion offers insights into illegal pyramid schemes

 BCP Business Center

Maureen Dowd Says Her Pot-Munching Experience Was “Ill-Advised.

I agree with Maureen Dowd and feel that pot is not good for you!

"Chrysler Recalls More Than 10,000 SUVs Because Cruise-Control Is Supposed To Be Controlled," says The Consumerst


SEC Fines Brokerage Firm $2M For Improper Use Of Customer Data


WCPO:alleges "Movers tell woman: Pay more or we won't deliver"

This can happen in your hometown, too.

"For-Profit Schools Are More Flexible & Convenient Than Community Colleges, But Can Land You In Debt Hell,"says The Consumerist


The “consumer groups” opposing net neutrality? Actually funded by the cell industry?


The Big Mistake More Car Buyers Are Making


10 Tips For Getting Rid Of The Junk In Your Life


Your Grocery Store May Soon Be Cut in Half


Don’t Let A Hacker Hold Your Phone for Ransom