Mar 15, 2015

Monday: Get Free Ice Cream Cones at Dairy Queen

Free IHOP Pancakes on St Patty's Day


Journey into the Cave of the Mounds

I may have spent 45 years appearing on TV as a consumer advocate, but it is still an honor for me to be recognized by strangers. It happened again...this time in a very dark and damp place--Cave of the Mounds near Madison, WI. Becky, the nice and knowledgeable tour guide, pointed her flashlight and studied me like I was a stalagmite. " I've seen you on TV," she said. I've also been recognized as the creator of these videos for the Janesville Gazette. Folks in Janesville and Madison have come up to me to say they know me from my Gazette videos and appreciate them. Strangers being kind to an old fossil!

Wireless blood pressure monitors and blood glucose meters don't measure up

Consumer Reports

Opinion: 60 Minutes found that Lumber Liquidators' Chinese-made laminate flooring contains amounts of toxic formaldehyde that may not meet health and safety standards

CBS News

6 Tricks To A Quick Surgical Recovery

Consumer Reports

Basics Of Reverse Mortgages

How to Learn to Love Your Job Again When You’re Feeling Burned Out

Five reasons to beware of autopaying bills


Fraud alert: Desperate to dump your time share? Watch out for these scam brokers

Mar 1, 2015

Cable Networks Speed Up TV Shows to Fit in More Ads


Don’t let these email scams fool you

This is one irritated weekly Janesville Gazette video

My opinion: Don't invest your money in a juicer

As a consumer reporter, I've done stories about questionable health claims for juicers.  What's more, it's my opinion that after using a juicer for a few weeks, it may be put away somewhere with the breadmaker.

Juicing: What are the health benefits?

Mayo Clinic

Now on Twitter: group Direct Messages and mobile video camera

Twitter Blogs

These Workers Landed Cool and Unusual Retirement Jobs—Here’s How

Montel Williams Got Called Out On Twitter For Endorsing Payday Loans—And He Didn’t Handle It Well

How to Work Less—Without Giving Up Your Career (phased retirement)

Splenda supplier launches 'low-cal sugar'


Misleading furniture ads?

 Furniture World Magazine

What to do if your tax refund is stolen

The Washington Post