Feb 21, 2007

Privacy protection: Wisconsin consumers can freeze their credit

If you live in Wisconsin you have a right to place a "security freeze" on your credit report. A freeze will prohibit a credit reporting agency from releasing information in your credit report without your express authorization--so imposters can't apply for credit.

Giving the bounce to counterfeit check scams

A new scam is swindling consumers: counterfeit checks that seem legitimate to both bank employees and consumers, but that leave unsuspecting consumers footing the bill. The Federal Trade Commission is issuing a new brochure, Giving the Bounce to Counterfeit Check Scams, which explains common angles used in these scams, the responsibilities of banks and consumers when it comes to counterfeit checks, and advice on how to avoid these increasingly common traps.

Wisconsin's Top 10 consumer complaints

Did you know that anyone in Wisconsin can call themselves a home improvement contractor and start signing contracts with consumers? There are no training requirements and you can even have a long history in criminal and civil courts.

No wonder home improvement is always in
Wisconsin’s Top 10 list of complaints (product categories) and even moved up a notch to #4 last year.