Jan 31, 2016

Here's what you should know to protect yourself and your family from the rapidly spreading Zika Viru

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Winter river sun patches

As a Mississippi tributary, the Rock River overflowed in recent weeks adding to the St Louis flooding. In this week's video from Glen Loyd you can see the Rock's frozen high-water mark.

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VW Buyback Plan Seems More Likely As Company Struggles To Find Fix For Emission-Cheating Vehicles – Consumerist


Be wary of those ‘free inspections’ if you take your car in for a recall.

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We want the FDA to ban the word 'natural' on food labels because it's meaningless


Work at home scams

Planet Money : NPR

Jan 17, 2016

My weekly Janesville Gazette video this week and memoir of a famous friend.

Stanley Siegel, the controversial New York talk-show host who died recently
 got his start in Green Bay with Action Man Glen Loyd. Here's the stunt that
 got Siegel fired.

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Small Appliance All-Stars for Your Counter

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Best Cars of the 2016 Detroit Auto Show

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Trader Joe’s tuna fish cans are underfilled: lawsuit |

 New York Post

With mobile wallets, banks shift fraud liability to you

 newsnet5.com Cleveland

Keyless Automobile Ignition Systems Are Fatally Flawed, Critics Say

 NBC News

Jan 11, 2016

Thanks for watching my videos! 85,600 views in 2015

Thanks to everyone who watches my videos at Janesville GazetteXtra, Facebook and You Tube. Last year (2015) you helped increase  my  viewership 22 % for a total of 85,600 views. Average watch time was one minute, 22 seconds. Total watched minutes were 111,400.
24,000 watched on computers. 21,000 on mobile phones. And 6,627 on tablets.

What surprises me is that although my videos mostly revolve around the Rock River in Wisconsin, each month they are viewed in every state in the Union and 178 countries around the world.  For example, California had 5000 views, the United Kingdom, 4,000 and India, 1,800.

All told, I have made 490 You Tube videos. Lifetime viewership: 230,485. One video about eagles has had 18,723 views.

Thanks again for watching!

Jan 10, 2016

New Scams to Avoid in 2016

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Ice skating goose and cranky crow

Glen Loyd takes us for a winter walk in a snow storm.

Whole Foods to Pay $500K to Settle Overcharging Allegations in New York City

 NBC 10 Philadelphia

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A Message From The Year 2026 About The Future Of Your TV


Why Students Are the Biggest Losers in Today’s College Bowl Games


Taco Bell Will Announce a Secret New Menu Item During the Super Bowl


The Best Pillow for a Good Night's Sleep

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Domino’s Driver Stabs Customer For Complaining About Pizza Being 90 Minutes Late

Which Fast Food Chains Serve Meat on Drugs?

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The One Time It’s Mathematically Advantageous to Play Powerball


I Still would not play.

Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s Accused Of Inflating “Original” Prices To Make Discounts More Attractive


Jan 3, 2016

Glen Loyd Videos: On our love for family cars

A farmer friend about my age kept his dad's worn out tractor for 20 years because his dad had liked it so much. His father could move the tractor seat aside and drive standing up. His father enjoyed doing so. When my friend finally sold the junk tractor, the buyer restored it because of some special significance it had for him. This is the theme of my video..

Top 5 Worst Cars of 2015 According to Consumer Reports

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Don’t Wait on Hold for Customer Service: There’s a Better Way

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How to Handle Your Finances as the Fed Raises Interest Rates

The New York Time

Why Gold Isn’t a Good Investment


Which Small SUV Fares Best in the Snow?

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What Does It Take To Get On The FDA’s “Most Wanted” List?


Opinion: Some GM SUV Owners Say Their Vehicles Are Making Them Sick


10 Most Stolen Vehicles


Clear advice on glaucoma, cataracts, and macular degeneration

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Help! My Boss Wants Me to Lie to a Customer


8 Ways to Deal With an Absentee Landlord


Do You Really Need AWD in the Snow?

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8 Necessities That Will Be Cheaper in 2016


10 Housecleaning Myths | Cleaning Supply Reviews

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