Sep 29, 2014

CONSUMER ALERT: Utility Scams Target Wisconsin Small Businesses

Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade & Consumer Protection

Woodpeckers make homes for many creatures, but they damage human weekly Janesville Gazette Video (No that's not my roof)

Interesting facts about woodpeckers from Wikipedia: "To prevent brain damage from the rapid and repeated impacts, woodpeckers have evolved a number of adaptations to protect the brain. These include small brain size, the orientation of the brain within the skull (which maximises the area of contact between the brain and the skull) and the short duration of contact. The millisecond before contact with wood a thickened nictitating membrane closes, protecting the eye from flying debris. The nostrils are also protected; they are often slit-like and have special feathers to cover them."

Hyundai Hyrdogen Fuel Cell Car Available for Lease-Kiplinger

Hyundai Hyrdogen Fuel Cell Car Available for Lease-Kiplinger:

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GM Ignition Recall Death Toll Increases Again, 23 Deaths Now Linked To Defective Switches


What to Say to a Colleague Who’s Been Fired

Consider These Things Before Buying a Prepaid Cell Phone

DailyFinance Savings Experiment

Facebook’s New Ad Service Lets Advertisers Get Up Close And Personal Everywhere You Are


How to Get Late Fees Waived, Interest Rates Reduced: Just Ask!

60 Minutes Video - Since 2008, con artists have been filing bogus tax returns and collecting millions -

60 Minutes Video 

Beware of Unauthorized $49.95 Credit Card Charges

Krebs on Security

Sep 21, 2014

Acrobatic swallows can eat, drink, and bathe while flying

11 Tips for Avoiding Casting Scams


Casting scams are common in our communities because there is always a new batch of naive young people who want to be stars.

The Most Counterfeited Products and 8 Ways to Avoid Purchasing Them

Money Talks News

Top 500 U.S. E-Retailers - Sears adds in-vehicle returns and exchanges to curbside options

Internet Retailer

Consumer Federation warns about automobile insurance pricing ‘scheme’

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Procter & Gamble Removes Microbeads From Toothpastes, Still Insists They’re Safe


Do your homework before selecting an online school, some programs are neither legitimate nor accredited

Federal Trade Commission

Consumerist: "Former Peanut Butter Moguls Found Guilty Of Knowingly Shipping Contaminated Food"


Here’s What To Do About the Home Depot Hack

Why Millennials Should Have Kids—and Soon

10 Places Millennials Are Moving For Bigger Paychecks

Sep 15, 2014

Talking to Sandhill Cranes in Janesville

Sandhill cranes are fairly social birds that usually live in pairs or family groups through the year. During migration and winter, non-related cranes come together to form "survival groups" which forage and roost together. Such groups often congregate at migration and winter sites, sometimes in the thousands.--Wikipedia

Top Tailgating Gear | Tailgating Tips

Consumer Reports

Sep 8, 2014

Bill Stokes: Everywhere, the young

His writing is reminiscent of Mark Twain and there is a lot of sparkle in his 82-year-old eyes. Bill Stokes was an outdoor writer for the Milwaukee Journal and Chicago Tribune. His newspaper days are over, but thankfully he is working on two new books

10 Social Media Blunders That Cost a Millennial a Job — or Worse

American, Delta Sue Operators Of Travel Clubs


Teen Counterfeiter Blames Crime On “Too Much Freedom” From Mom


Court Summons Scam Emails Carry Malware


6 Tips To Being A Frugal Car Buyer

Knee Defender Puts Blame on Passengers | Air Travel

Consumer Reports

Wearable Technology: Worth Buying Or Waste Of Cash?

Mouse Print* – Sneaky Fine Print

Mouse Print

Google to Refund Consumers at Least $19 Million to Settle FTC Complaint It Unlawfully Billed Parents for Children’s Unauthorized In-App Charges


Sep 1, 2014

Bill Stokes and the wind

Glen Loyd recently spent time with 82-year-old Bill Stokes, Wisconsin's most famous outdoor writer. When the Chicago Tribune hired him, Stokes told the whole midwest about the beauty of the Wisconsin. Bill was with the Trib for ten years, retiring in 1994 at the age of 63. Currently he is writing two books. This is Glen's third video with Bill. The final one comes next week.

Website Hyperlink Alone Does Not Establish User’s Assent to Arbitration Agreement, Ninth Circuit Holds


Used Car Buyers Beware! - Title Washing Is Growing

Auto Channel 

Can a simple phone call really speed up your PC?


5 Ways You’re Sabotaging Yourself in Job Interviews

Get the right blood thinner for an irregular heartbeat Comparing effectiveness, safety, side effects, and price to help you choose the best drug

Consumer Reports

What to do if you downloaded malware from a scam site or allowed a cybercriminal to access your computer

 Consumer Information

Why Students Aren’t Going to College Football Games

How To Counter A Lowball Offer On Your House