Dec 29, 2013


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Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article about my weekly videos

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Most Researched New and Used Cars for 2013 | Most Popular Cars

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Should you register that new product? Product-registration cards—and the info you put on them—aren't always needed for warranty coverage

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New 'card cracking' scam gets students' debit card numbers and PIN

 Plain Dealing |

A Little-Known Credit Card Perk That Can Save You Big Blog

The IRS and Affordable Care Act are linked: Boycott Obamacare, and the penalty will be deducted from your tax refund

| Bankrate

Use Those Gift Cards Now

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There’s only one full-time, long-term J.D.-required law job available for every two law school graduates


1/3 Of Online Retailers Failed To Deliver Last-Minute Christmas Purchases On Time


Until you decide on a career, consider a lower-cost university and limit the amount of student loans you secure


When you swipe a debit card, you could be putting your entire bank account at risk


Computer Monitors and Eye Fatigue | Best Computer Monitor Features

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Dec 15, 2013

Fine arts photographers and skilled amateurs capture Rock River eagles

Cash-back rewards aren’t free money if you’re carrying a balance

Great Holiday Gifts for $10 or Less

Thinking about buying an extended warranty? Read this first

Dirty little secret of the House-approved budget: It includes a tax hike

 Bankrate, Inc.

The agent selling your house probably isn’t getting as big a cut of the deal as you may think

3 ways to make your bathroom shine

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BBB Tips To Avoid Four Holiday Scams

 BBB News Center

Giving in to the initial flood of excitement around receiving an inheritance could be dangerous.

How Does A $1,000 Loan Blow Up Into $40,000 Of Debt?


An extra 20% off a purchase to open a store card sounds like a good deal, right? Many Americans think so

 Bankrate, Inc.

Big Meat & Big Pharma Pleased As Punch With FDA’s Pointless New Antibiotic Guidelines


Top 5 Teen-Diving Safety Tips

Google Pulls Privacy Feature it Says Wasn't Supposed to Be in Android


5 life changes that could save older drivers money on car insurance

College education, race and dual-income households are top factors in a poor person’s upward economic mobility


What To Do If Your Health Marketplace Application Gets Stuck

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Dec 2, 2013

Do you have a three day right to cancel? Consumer myths (Thanks to WMTV for letting me use this vintage video)

Best Used Car Deals | All-Wheel-Drive Cars and SUVs

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Pricey washer produces lackluster laundry Fisher & Paykel washer is energy efficient but falls short on cleaning

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How to Save on Car Rentals

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AA Batteries that shine

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Holiday sales are great, but post-holiday sales are better. Can you wait?

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Who made Consumer Reports' 'Naughty & Nice' list?'

New meat labels show born, raised, slaughtered locales

1 in 5 Americans say their main concern is to pay down debt -- including credit cards and student loans

Q&A: Will I really come out ahead financially if I pay extra toward my mortgage principal?

Unhappy with a product/service from a business? File a BBB complaint

BBB Online

Grandma and Grandpa would rather just give you cash. People older than 65 are the least likely to give gift cards

A New Worm Proves the Internet of Things Is Vulnerable to Attack


Millions of Fake Twitter Accounts Manipulate Trends, Popularity