Jun 29, 2007

18% of cellphone owners spammed

About one in six cell phone owners, or 18 percent, report receiving unsolicited text messages from advertisers, according to a survey by the Pew Research Center last year. What can you do if you get these unwanted messages? I found suggestions on this link on a new blog by the Attorney General's office of the state of Washington.

How does your Internet provider rank?

PC World did a survey to find out the opinion of people about what companies provide the best service. PC World says, "ratings reflect survey respondents' satisfaction with the given aspect of service. Source: Survey of 6463 PC World readers and PCWorld.com visitors from April 26 to May 10, 2007."

Jun 27, 2007

Checking account debiting scam hits Wisconsin

A Wisconsin banker confirmed to me that this scam has hit Wisconsin: Someone is generating random bank routing and account numbers and trying to deposit one penny to detect active accounts (an automated process). When finding a live account, they begin debiting money. Some consumers have lost at much as $600.

Look over your checking account withdrawals every month. If money has been debited from your account without your permission, ask the bank to reimburse you.