Feb 18, 2011

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Most Don't Trust Labor Unions Or Corporations

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ConsumerMan: Credit card reform is working


Search Optimization and Its Dirty Little Secrets


Wireless advances could mean no more cell towers

Washington post

FTC Recovers More Than $3 Million from Operators of DVD Vending Machine Scam


Over the years many Wisconsin consumers have lost money investing in vending machine business opportunities. Why?  It is the ultimate work-at-home scam.  All you have to do, they claim, is empty out the money box.  My opinion...don't ever get involved in buying vending machines.

FTC Sends Refund Claim Forms to Nearly 12,000 Victims of Auto Warranty Robocaller


What would Honest Abe say about these product claims?

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Cracking The Credit Card Code

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Retailers try fake invoices with Clark's name to sell warranties

It's my opinion that someone is using my name, too, to promote questionable products...products that I have advised consumers about.  I have written to state consumer protection about this.

Consumer Reports Electronics Blog: Best Buy's "Buy Back" program: Not such a great deal

Consumer Reports Electronics Blog

Feb 12, 2011

Dating Service Complaints on the Rise: Read the Fine Print Before You Commit


Five foolish financial mistakes we make when we are in love

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He explores the ancient Southwest

Steve Lekson, who studies ancient people of the desert Southwest, has received the 2011 distinguished explorer award from the Roy Chapman Andrews Society in Beloit. 
Lekson is curator of anthropology at the Colorado Museum of Natural History and is called "perhaps the best writer in Southwestern Archeology" in a New York Times profile.
 The blurb on the back cover of Lekson's "History of the Ancient Southwest" says, "While many ... would have us believe that nothing much ever happened in the ancient Southwest, this book argues that the region experienced rises and falls, kings and commoners, war and peace, triumphs and failures."

10 Things Outlet Malls Won't Tell You


They want price stickers off products

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Can Your Bank Stop ID Theft?


Lawmakers urge FTC to investigate free kids games on iPhone

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10 Things Furniture Stores Won't Tell You


DiGiorno Rising Crust Four Cheese Named a CR Best Buy in Tests of Frozen Pizzas

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10 Confessions Of An Insurance Telemarketer

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Two Strangulation Deaths Prompt Summer Infant to Recall Video Baby Monitors with Cords; Firm to Provide New On-Product Label & Instructions


5 phone scams target retirees


Feb 4, 2011

Whopping 11% Of US Homes Are Empty

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Healthy adults getting unneeded heart screenings

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Wisconsin's Winter Sun

My video this week was inspired by a friend’s photo on Facebook--a blood-red orange winter sunset. It closes the video. The sun-speckled woodland stream photo at the beginning is Pat Krohlow’s, too. The pictures were taken all over Wisconsin from Peace Park in Rock County to Up North.When I worked with Pat at WLUK-TV in Green Bay, he filmed the Packers next door at Lambeau Field. The music for this video was composed by Kevin MacLeod who lives across the street from Lambeau. I lived three blocks from the stadium. The roar after a Packers touchdown rocked the neighborhood.

25 Alternative Uses for Rubbing Alcohol


Brit consumer watchdog finds just 8 in 154 salesmen give sound advice


I Just Found Out I've Been Subscribing To Satellite Radio For The Past Year

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