Oct 30, 2011

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Oct 29, 2011

Despite the gloomy economy, some workers are convinced they'll be able to retire early


The Sketchpad: Personal Finance on a Napkin


What fish is on your plate? Probably not the one you ordered

Consumer Reports

Digging for Details Before Investing in Gold Bullion or Coins


An evil daughter stops doctors from caring from her mom, as she steals her money & sells her house


Google TV finally gets update, adds Android apps market

Consumer Reports

How To Decide Whether Or Not To Pay Someone To Do Your Taxes

The Consumerist

Gaddafi Email Scam Promises Money and an Orphanage


Alleged DeKalb ID thieves accused of getting U.S. senator from Hawaii


Chase, other banks won't charge debit card usage fees


What You Need To Know When Transferring Credit Card Balances

The Consumerist

Oct 24, 2011

W.W. II Poet Warrior Festival

Janesville Gazette\

Two well-written World War II documentary films and Glen Loyd’s childhood memory of the time

Oct 22, 2011

Coming Attractions-WW II Poet Warriors starring Carl Sandburg

The death of eloquent radio writer Norman Corwin this week reminded me how America harnessed the power of poetry to conquer the evil empires of Germany and Japan in World War II.

Writing patriotic dramas, Corwin was inspired by Walt Whitman’s poetry of the Civil War era. Another one of our foremost poets--Carl Sandburg--wrote propaganda during World War II.

Carl Sandburg is most identified with Illinois, but he started his career as a Wisconsin newspaper reporter. Later, he was an editorial writer for the Chicago Daily News. He was awarded two Pulitzer Prizes for his poetry and his books about Lincoln. ( I'm proud to say that I had an investigative story published in the Chicago Daily News in the 1960s that resulted in Chicago banning sprayed asbestos used in the construction of skyscrapers.)

Oct 16, 2011

Why you should—or shouldn't—buy the iPhone 4S

Consumer Reports

Glen Loyd Video: Student fashion at University of Wisconsin (HD)

I've always enjoyed the students at the University of Wisconsin as a speaker in their classrooms and as a teacher from the professional community. I had so much fun with this video I going back to University Avenue with my camera.

Five myths about shoplifting

The Washington Post:

If You're Going To Shoplift At Walmart With Your Kids, Don't Leave Them Behind When You Flee

The Consumerist:

Stuff You Should Know If You Want To Write A Book

The Consumerist:

Supplements linked with death in older women

Consumer Reports

Subway: Cheaper To Order Footlong, Throw Away Half Of Bread Than Ordering 6-Inch With Double Meat

The Consumerist:

New technologies for heating water can deliver big savings

Consumer Reports

Computer features from Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports

Teens are 50-percent more likely to crash in first month of driving unsupervised, here’s why

Consumer Reports

Oct 9, 2011

Wisconsin autumn in high definition

7 things to look for in a winter beater


No matter what kind of a vehicle you are looking for, always check the April (car buying) issue of
Consumer Reports. They recommended reliable used cars and tell you what you should pay for them.

Odometer rollbacks on the rise


Consumers in Wisconsin get ripped off by rollbacks. In fact, there's a state office that investigates these cases.

Allegation: Woman Can't Get Electricity Or Gas Because Of ID Theft That Happened When She Was 7 Years Old

The Consumerist:

Bankers Association Defends Checking Rate Hikes: "We Don't Expect To Pay Nothing To Ride The Train" - The Consumerist

The Consumerist:


Allegation: Best Buy Held My Computer Data For Ransom!

CBS Sacramento:

Oct 1, 2011

Mark Twain's Wisconsin

As a Mark Twain fan, I was delighted to find his footprints in Wisconsin. I have documented his visit to Janesville in a previous video. Here is another about his love affair with Wisconsin and the other Upper Mississippi River states

Saggy pants ordinance brings cash to Albany

Albany Herald:

Earlier bedtimes keep kids leaner, says study

Consumer Reports

Chargebacks: A Handy Weapon in the Fight Against Unscrupulous Merchants

Invest It Wisely

Guide for first time E-Bay sellers


Bill Introduced To Let Robots Call Your Cellphone

The Consumerist:

Weight Loss: Sneaky Fine Print

Mouse Print:

Check Your Best Buy Receipt Carefully Before Signing For In-Store Pickup Purchases

The Consumerist:

Get Smart About College


Lawsuits Target Claims for 'All Natural' Foods


Is 0% financing from retailers a good deal?