Mar 29, 2016

Decorah eagle eggs begin hatching today

The Decorah, Iowa eagle eggs have begun hatching. See if you can spot them on this live EagleCam  Meanwhile watch the parents deal with visiting owls, mice and snow in Glen Loyd's video.

Mar 20, 2016

How to Effectively Negotiate a New Car Price

Consumer Reports

Dramatic video shows how thieves are able to install a card skimmer in seconds

#IDtheft hashtag on Twitter

My weekly video for the Janesville, WI Gazette

Cornwall, a county at the southwest tip of Great Britain, played an important role in the settlement of southern Wisconsin. Starting in 1830 more than half of the population of Cornwall left for America and other places. Now there are 2 million people of Cornish descent in the US which is four times the present population of Cornwall, England. 

It’s Discounted, but Is It a Deal? How List Prices Lost Their Meaning

The New York Times

Scammer Must Repay $7.75M For Running Bogus Prayer Center & Consumer Complaint Service


9 Mistakes You’re Making When Booking a Flight

Mobile phone ad-blockers serve an important purpose: preserving users' precious mobile data allowances


Online reviews from sites like Amazon and TripAdvisor aren't always as innocent as they seem

 Consumer Reports

Insufficient Storage Available Problem Android

Consumer Reports

Simple plumbing tricks you can (really!) do yourself


Mar 13, 2016

Consumer Reports' new Ratings show many teaching hospitals fail to prevent this deadly disease

 Consumer Reports

Decorah eagles and humans rebuild downed nest

See Decorah, Iowa eagles rebuild their downed nest on a platform built by people. I noticed the eagles shredding branches to make soft bedding. This video was recorded by Eagle Whisperer 18 from the Rapture Resource Project EagleCam.

How to Make Your Health Savings Account Grow


Which Tax Software Is Best for You?


Scam victims aren't dumb; they're human

 LA Times

WV Lawmakers Legalize Raw Milk, Drink Raw Milk, Get Mysterious Stomach Bug


Here’s How Much the Average Household Has Saved for Retirement


Was your vehicle one of the 34 million impacted by the Takata airbag recall?

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Pistachios Sold At Trader Joe’s & Other Stores Recalled After 9-State Salmonella Outbreak


Galaxy S7 and S7 edge Look Like Winners

Consumer Reports

What Your Resume Should Look Like in 2016

Free Stuff for Broke Millennials


These Are the Odds You’ll Be Audited This Year

These Are the Odds You’ll Be Audited This Year |

How to Get Free Tax-Prep Help This Filing Seasonm