Dec 31, 2010

Allegation: Firefighters' fake expense reports are double-dips

Thanks to the Milwaukee Journal for this investigation! Remember this when fire fighters call for donations.

Mercury Blues

I'm sure you've heard by now that the Ford Motor Company has permanently ended production of the Mercury.
I would like to cruise in that cool 1949 Mercury that James Dean drove in “Rebel Without A Cause” so many years ago.
Here's a close look at many models. The car not only starred in movies and hot rod shows--it also had songs written about it.

Consumer Reports Electronics Blog: 8 tips for returning electronics gifts

Consumer Reports Electronics Blog

10 Ways to Get the Most Out of Technology

Best Buy drops virtually all restocking fees

Online Dating - Apps and Laws Strive for Safer Matchmaking

Allegation: IPhone and Android Apps Breach Privacy

Is Prepaid Cell Phone Right for You?


FTC Charges Massive Internet Enterprise with Scamming Consumers Out of Millions Billing Month-After-Month for Products and Services They Never Ordered


FTC Settlement Prohibits Marketers of Children's Vitamins from Making Deceptive Health Claims about Brain and Eye Development


Dec 23, 2010

Consumer Reports Insights: Health clubs harbor hidden dangers

Consumer Reports Insights

Consumer World: 2010 Return Policies

Consumer World

Young people stealing and scamming prescription drugs

The Janesville Gazette has documented the problem of young people stealing and abusing prescription drugs in Rock County. Some kids steal from parents and grandparents, and burglars often target prescription drugs.

And now Milton police warn about a young man who allegedly infers he works with the department’s prescription drug collection program and offers to make pickups.

I learned about a similar incident at a law enforcement seminar for seniors where the statewide problem of prescription drug abuse was discussed.

Are you taking frugality too far?

Consumer Reports on snowblowers

New Poll: Americans Say 'No Thanks' to Online Tracking

Advertising Age - Digital

American Internet Use Catches Up With TV Use

Food Safety Act: 18 Changes To Food Safety The New Law Will Bring

Brooklyn Frauds Are Played Out in Polish, Police Say

Dec 17, 2010

It's good to see Sarah Carlson back anchoring on Madison TV.  During my appearances with her, she always made my consumer protection stories better with her insight and enthusiasm.  She is just as intelligent as she is beautiful. 

The same can be said of her former co-anchor Christine Bellport who I worked with for a long time.  Christine has a wonderful sense of humor and would tell of her rip-off experiences to help illustrate my consumer protection topics.  Her dad watches her every day on the internet at his California home.  He has a wonderful daughter.

Christine and Sarah were a great team and remain among the best of TV in Wisconsin.

Christmas Past

This week I enjoyed a Christmas concert and party at St John Vianney school in Janesville.
Seeing all the children took me back to Christmas parties that started 40 years ago when I was a consumer advocate in Green Bay. This is a half-hour TV program of kids having fun and opening presents.

Despite new laws, complaints against banks up

The Boston Globe

How to Avoid Tow Truck Scams

No More Kevin Trudeau Infomercials? Not So Fast...


Nearly 17% of Americans suffer food poisoning each year, study shows

Washington Post

FTC: Dannon Agrees To Stop Selling Activia As Cure For Irregularity

The Consumerist

FCC: Two-Thirds Of Net Sub's Connections Aren't Up To Speed

Broadcasting & Cable

Discover Sued Over 'Deceptive' Marketing

The True Cost of Your Wish List

Dec 10, 2010

Mark Twain's Lake Tahoe Adventure

Two years ago, GM workers crowded around the last Chevy Tahoe rolling off the Janesville assembly line.
Although it was a sad and difficult day for these folks facing relocation or unemployment, they were proud of the work their families had done here for generations.
You still see a lot of those big, beautiful Tahoes in Janesville…the name itself is so appealing, reminding us of wonderful vacations.
Mark Twain was one of the first white men to vacation in Tahoe, taking a break from unsuccessful gold and silver mining.
Later he became the most celebrated author in the world and even visited Janesville on a lecture tour.
Twain wrote about Tahoe and traveling west by stagecoach in one of his finest books, “Roughing It.”

Consumerist allegation: "At The Gap, "50% Off All Sweaters" Is Essentially Meaningless"

The Consumerist

Prius plug-in stutters in bitter cold

Consumer Reports Allegation: "The Fuel Doctor FD-47 Is More Of A Fuel-Savings Quack"

Consumer Reports cell-service ratings allege: "AT&T is the worst carrier"

Consumer Reports Electronics Blog:

Early 2010 Housing Stabilization Fizzles; U.S. Homes Set to Lose $1.7 Trillion This Year

Zillow News

The Tech Brands You Can Trust


Cash vs. gift cards

ShopSmart mag

A Bicycle Lane Built for Few in New York City?

Dec 4, 2010

Glen Loyd video posted on Wisconsin Arts News

My video--Mark Twain's Pompeii--was selected recently as "Video of the day" by Wisconsin Arts News, published by the Wisconsin's Arts Board:
What would Mark Twain say?
"Whenever I enjoy anything in art it means that it is mighty poor. The private knowledge of this fact has saved me from going to pieces with enthusiasm in front of many and many a chromo."
More Mark Twain Videos at

Consumer Reports: Which companies will be naughty or nice this holiday season?

McAfee Warns of "The Twelve Scams of Christmas"

McAfee Newsroom

FTC Staff Issues Privacy Report; Offers Framework for Consumers, Businesses, and Policymakers


Online Health Sites Share Personal Data, Privacy Groups Say

The 10 Commandments of Wealth and Happiness

Money Talks News

S.C. Johnson Plans to Disclose All Product Ingredients

Gov't evaluating cell phone blocking tech in cars

How I Saved $145 At Sears By Checking In-Store Computer Kiosk

The Consumerist

Study: Treatment mistakes for 1 in 7 hospitalized Medicare patients Blogs