Oct 3, 2008

Rats and Mice Can Destroy Household Furnishings Stored in Mini Warehouses

The above story about rats and mice ruining household furnishings and memorabilia is just one of a number of interesting animal tales I’ve heard lately.

For example, a lonely young friend of mine going through a divorce often sits in front of his computer late at night eating bag after bag of Doritos with the crumbs tumbling down the shirt covering his ample stomach. Recently, my friend discovered he had company…a mouse. Every time my friend uses his computer late at night, the mouse shows up to provide company and share junk food.

Cellphone photos by Glen Loyd III

Recently my son, Glen III, had a beautiful red fox approach him while he was parked near the quarry in Columbus. Glen noticed that the fox was staring at him like a hungry dog…so my son started sharing part of his lunch with him—a bagel and two bear claw pastries. In the photos, you can see Glen’s bear claw pastry in the fox’s mouth. After awhile, the red fox went away and came back with another hungry fox which looked like a brother or sister. A colleague thinks the two may be new offspring who haven’t fully developed hunting skills. They often explore together. The red fox is usually very good at avoiding man--his enemy--and is found in rural areas bordering towns. Usually they eat rodents, insects, fruit and plants.

Shortly after his experience with the foxes, Glen glanced out the window of his home on the Rock River in Janesville and saw both a majestic eagle in the sky and a tiny humming bird at the feeder.

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