Jul 17, 2016

The FTC is finally punishing Herbalife.


Best Laptops for Students/According to our testers, these back-to-school models score high marks for portability, battery life, and power

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Mermaid Yoga

The only thing as good as living on the Rock River in Janesville, WI is living a block from Lake Wingra when I'm in in Madison. By the way, Lake Wingra drains into the Rock River which drains into the Mississippi.

Some GM SUV owners receiving $500 rebates


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Questions To Ask When Buying A Condo


Perfect storm brewing in auto loans


Features That Don't Improve Mattress Comfort

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If You Inherit a Home, Call the Homeowners Insurance Company

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8 Awkward Money Moments Everyone Has at Work


This is an interesting article on awkward money moments at work. Trouble is the writer has no advice. After experiencing some of these moments,

  • I try to stay away from drinking with coworkers after work. My family is waiting for me.
  •  I have my own charities and won't be forced by social pressure to donate to charities suggested by coworkers and bosses. (When I was in the U.S Army, a payroll officer with a gun at his side forced me and my fellow troopers to donate to the Red Cross.)
  • If a coworker asks me to loan them more than a dollar,  I can't do it because because I buy everything with a credit card and don't carry cash. 

Jul 10, 2016

6 ways greed keeps you poor

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Many rip-offs are set up to make us greedy.  Greed is an emotion the overrules common sense.
For example, an excited telephone caller says we have just won the $500,000 lottery. The caller congratulates us over and over again and asks what we might do with the money, planting the seeds of greed. Once greed is fully ignited, we are told about the $5,000 lottery tax we need to wire before getting our winnings. Over the years as a consumer reporter, I have talked with many deceived, but still-greedy victims who continued to feel there was a chance of getting the $500,000. A number of them were irritated with me when I told them they were out $5,000.

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Air bag recall update

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How to Stay Safe on a Ladder

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Homemade Sunscreen Is a Definite Don't

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5 Dangerous Seat Belt Lies People Tell Themselves

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Jul 4, 2016

Consumers age 60 and over primarily complain about government imposter scams


Green Bay Packers Sportscaster Larry McCarren voted into Wisconsin Broadcasters Hall of Fame

If you are a Green Bay Packers fan, you know him well. Sportscaster Larry McCarren. After almost 30 years covering Wisconsin sports, he has been voted into the Wisconsin Broadcasters Hall of Fame.
I knew Larry 28 years ago and was there with him in Green Bay on his first day as a professional broadcaster. This video captures a side of Larry you have never seen...The Rock cries expressing his love and gratitude to his wife, Becky.

Think Twice Before Buying Another Innerspring Mattress

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In New Jersey Student Loan Program, Even Death May Not Bring a Reprieve

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Student Debt: Lives on Hold

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How to Remove Stains Like Mustard, Red Wine & Ink

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How to Spend Your Volkswagen Diesel Buyback Money

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A confounding 11.5 percent of Americans put themselves at risk by not buckling up

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