Apr 26, 2010

WI Dept. of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection Secretary interviewed by WKOW-TV about Consumer Protection

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I must disclose that Secretary Rod Nilsestuen is a friend and that I share his opinion that Consumer Protection provides an important service to Wisconsin consumers.
Having said that, I think he did a good job defending Consumer Protection.
It is my hope that WKOW-TV's fine investigative reporters and Consumer Protection will now join forces as they have done in the past to protect consumers.

Apr 23, 2010


I spotted some of the first water lily pads in the shallows of Lake Wingra. You can see them sprouting from the lake bottom heading for the sun like their landlocked cousins. Who doesn't love to see them shimmering and blossoming in the summer?

The 10 most common travel booking mistakes


Apr 21, 2010

VIDEO From The Consumerst: You're Doing It Wrong, A Tribute To As Seen On TV Ads


From The Consumerist: "Whatever you've been doing, you've been doing it wrong. That's what infomercials teach us, by showing us failing at simple tasks, and then offering the amazing new product to solve it. Showing it in black and white or monochromatic with a big red X seems to drive the point home for some reason. Never mind that these products are usually substandard and make most of their money on over-inflated shipping charges... you need this now! To this end, here's a tribute to your failure, a remix, set to "Help!" by The Beatles, of 50 different scenes of consumers grinding, squirting, chopping and so on. Can you name all the infomercial products shown? Give it a shot, then scroll down after the jump for the answers."