Jan 11, 2013

Can you trust Dr. Oz? His medical advice often conflicts with the best science.

 Slate Magazine

Excellent movie on rip-off investments (22 minutes

When you try to warn consumers they are being ripped off, many of them get upset with you instead of the con artist.

10 mind tricks to fool yourself into eating less

 Fox News

Watch Out! New Video Law Lets Netflix Share What You're Viewing


Keep baby safe around space heaters

Consumer Reports

Gray Divorce: Getting A Divorce After 50


New federal mortgage rule aims to protect you from risky home loans

Consumer Reports

Comcast Sells Me Data Speeds It Can’t Possibly Deliver

The Consumerist

CES 2013: Four new camera and video features could change how you shoot

 Consumer Reports

6 Tips To Win A Bidding War On A Home


“Bait and Switch” Coupon Scams Promise Savings, Deliver Spam


Good Time to Buy a House? Yes. A Car? Not So Fast...


Jan 6, 2013