Mar 10, 2014

Gmail adding prominent 'Unsubscribe' option to marketing emails


Retailers crack down on 'returnaholics'

Red tailed hawk and golden eye ducks

Bank Of America’s New Debit Card Charges $5/Month For Something That Is Free On All Accounts – Consumerist


Just writing down what you make & what you spend can change your financial life for the better.


Netflix error phishing scam warns of 'unusual activity' on account


4 children die in 3 weeks, prompting warning about window blind safety

Consumer Alert -
Window blinds kill babies and toddlers in Wisconsin, too. Don't put a crib close to window cords!

Florida Psychic Sentenced To 10 Years In Prison For Defrauding Clients Out Of $17.8M – Consumerist

This happens in Wisconson, too. That's why I frown on going to fortune tellers...even for fun.

Protect yourself in 2014 by checking out top complaints from last year

 Federal Trade Commission

Why some of us are more vulnerable to online fraud