Jun 5, 2016

May 31, 2016

GM to Make Payments, Extend Warranties for Overstating Fuel Economy on Window Stickers

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Rock River Coalition Paddles to Janesville

Paddling from Horicon Marsh to Beloit in 11 days, the Rock River Coalition is testing the water's purity and stopping at communities along the way to share what they are learning and provide a forum for discussion about water quality solutions.

Keep Your Pets Safe in the Car

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May 23, 2016

Car Title Loans Can Be Trouble for Millennials

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This high-cost form of credit, secured by the borrower's vehicle, can be financially risky for younger consumers and catastrophic for others

Debit Card Scam: 5 Seconds for Massive Fraud--watch scam on video


Testing Rock River's Purity Watch Live

Paddling from Horicon Marsh to Beloit, the Rock River Coalition is testing the river's purity. And you can watch it live.

Many lakes and and streams in the Rock River basin are impaired and polluted from excessive phosphorus coming from water treatment plants, municipalities, industry and agriculture, says the WI Dept of Natural Resources.

Phosphorus keeps urban lawns green but also turn lakes green with algae. Algae clouds water, blocks sunlight to aquatic plants, lowers oxygen levels, and kills fish!

Reduction of phosphorus and sediment will improve water quality, reduce dangerous algae blooms and increase the value and usefulness of the river.