Mar 1, 2015

Cable Networks Speed Up TV Shows to Fit in More Ads


Don’t let these email scams fool you

This is one irritated weekly Janesville Gazette video

My opinion: Don't invest your money in a juicer

As a consumer reporter, I've done stories about questionable health claims for juicers.  What's more, it's my opinion that after using a juicer for a few weeks, it may be put away somewhere with the breadmaker.

Juicing: What are the health benefits?

Mayo Clinic

Now on Twitter: group Direct Messages and mobile video camera

Twitter Blogs

These Workers Landed Cool and Unusual Retirement Jobs—Here’s How

Montel Williams Got Called Out On Twitter For Endorsing Payday Loans—And He Didn’t Handle It Well

How to Work Less—Without Giving Up Your Career (phased retirement)

Splenda supplier launches 'low-cal sugar'


Misleading furniture ads?

 Furniture World Magazine

What to do if your tax refund is stolen

The Washington Post

Feb 1, 2015

Medical Costs Rise as Retirees Winter in Florida

Medical Costs Rise as Retirees Winter in Florida - "Like many retirees, one couple from upstate New York visit doctors in their winter getaway in Florida. But on a recent routine checkup of a pacemaker, a cardiologist there insisted on scheduling several expensive tests even though the 91-year-old husband had no symptoms.

“You walk in the door, and they just start doing things,” said Sally Spencer, 70, who canceled the tests after her husband’s longtime doctor advised her by phone that none of them were needed."

How to Spot a Lemon | Used Car Buying Guide

Consumer Reports

The terror of talons and weekly Janesville Gazette video

One of the attractions of the Rock River to Eagles are coots, a bird that looks like a duck and dives for food, but isn't a duck. Instead of web feet, It has big long lobed toes for walking in mud and marshes.

Judgment in FTC Case Against Dish Network Finds Company Liable for Tens of Millions of Telemarketing Violations

Federal Trade Commission

What Tax Preparers Are Really Charging for 2014 Returns


BostInno opinion: "How Amazon Dupes Us into Thinking We Got a Deal"


Delta Air Lines Flight Makes Emergency Landing After Pilot Gets Locked Out Of Cockpit


FTC takes a stand against illegal robocalls

Consumers Union

Want To Buy Something? Sleep On It! |

Can't Sell Costly Time Share; Let Them Foreclose?'
I have talked to more families ripped off by timeshare salespeople than I can remember. Don't sign up for free vacations...they often lead to high pressure time share salespeople.

Jan 25, 2015

Decorah Eagles nest repair

Are Your Social Security Benefits Taxable?


On Your Side: Unexpected Phone Bill Charges

Dallas News |

Cost of raising a child: $250K. Cost of smoking over a lifetime: $1 million to $2 million

3 Mistakes To Avoid When Making A Credit Card Balance Transfer


IRS Says Thousands Have Been Scammed Into Paying Bogus Back Taxes


The New York Times Isn’t For Sale, But That Could Change Soon


7 in 10 Americans qualify for free tax-prep help online. Here's where to get it

Where to Get Free Tax-Prep Help |

1 in 5 Spouses Commits This Financial Infidelity

CVS Sued Over Eye Vitamin Claims

 "CVS Sued Over Eye Vitamin Claims
 Consumer world: "After our story exposing the issue seven months ago, CVS was finally sued last week over claims for its eye health vitamins. The company implied that its brand was comparable to the name brand that had been shown in studies to slow the progression to blindness. In fact, the CVS version was missing four of the six proven ingredients. That story is this week in Mouse Print*"

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