Feb 15, 2008

WKOW-TV Troubleshooter Kim Sveum warns about getting your checking account debited without realizing it

After you buy tickets on movieFone.com, a screen, commonly called a pop-up window appears and asks you to take a survey to receive a rebate on the tickets you just bought.
By filling out the survey, you've given another company access to your credit card info that you just used to buy the movie tickets and you've signed up for a program that charges you monthly to be part of a club that offers travel discounts.

Jewelry shopping tips/Glen Loyd on WMTV's morning show

Feb 14, 2008


Milwaukee Journal: "The retired law professor said he spent more than four weeks, 45 phone calls and countless hours winding through phone trees and talking to customer service representatives before his phone numbers finally worked right."

Feb 9, 2008

WTMJ-TV says it is Dirty Dining

If you dine out in Milwaukee don't miss this series!

Feb 4, 2008

Life on a door-to-door magazine crew

This video from the New York Times shows the explotation of young people and how they are taught to lie and steal from customers. (13 minutes or so)

Feb 2, 2008

Kent Wainscott of WISN-TV tests fire safe cigarette

An interesting report that I missed when it aired a few months ago

Old carbon monoxide detectors can stop detecting

Replace old carbon monoxide detectors