Oct 3, 2016

Wisconsin writer Bill Stokes' 85th birthday (within the video you can click (i) which links to videos of Bill's writing)

Bill Stokes, one of Wisconsin's foremost outdoor writers, is celebrating his 85th birthday. But I have a present for you readers. First (below) is one of Bill's  vintage newspaper articles (courtesy of the Chicago Tribune.) And above, a video of Bill's birthday party with his family in Mazomanie, WI.

Saying Goodbye
A Dying Doctor`s Reflections On His Profession And On His Life
January 09, 1987|By Bill Stokes, Chicago Tribune
MARSHFIELD, WIS. — "Delicate snow crystals clung to the tree branches like the spectacular blossoming of winter. They gave a sense of suspended time to the still, gray afternoon in central Wisconsin. A vague sense of waiting prevailed. Something would happen soon, it seemed. Somebody would stomp his foot, a child would shout, a bell would ring suddenly. Then the millions of crystals would fall softly to the earth and the animation of life would resume with a rush.
In a small, single-story home on the southeastern edge of this farm community, where the frosted trees lined the streets in a graceful, motionless dance, the quiet drama of one man`s final goodbye was being played out."(Rest of story: http://articles.chicagotribune.com/1987-01-09/features/8701030251_1_marshfield-clinic-predictions-and-plans-quiet

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