Apr 13, 2012

Mark Twain's Blue Jays From "A Tramp Abroad"

Like many journalists, I owe Mark Twain. When your story is tepid, turn to a Twain qoutation. To illustrate my dependence on him, I started off my own memoir with his words:
Glen Loyd On Your Side In Wisconsin
Mark Twain said he admired an older journalist he knew who wasn't going to "inflict" his memoirs on the public. "If there is anything more uncalled for, it is one of those tearful, blubbering, long-winded "valedictories" when a man who has been annoying the public for years, cannot take leave of them without sitting down to cry. He feels that the country is saved. His satisfaction over it, something enormous."
When Twain asked the admired writer why he was going quietly, he replied, "I am journalistically dead, at present, ain't I?"
"Well, wouldn't you consider it disgraceful in a corpse to sit up and comment on the funeral?"
Knowing that I risk being perceived as a self-serving, egotistical, and disgraceful corpse, I inflict my memoir on you. http://fglenloyd.blogspot.com/

Having so much fun with Mark Twain over the years, I decided to make videos of some of his works.

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Sherry Otto said...

BEAUTIFUL BLUE JAYS, BUT CAT IS CUTER !! Was that Shirley Temple singing at the end? Precious !!!